Any one ordered from VIP Fashions Ebay??

  1. The main thing with them is you have to keep in mind they use STOCK photos and I don't think they mention that on their listings... I bought my Foresta BV from them and they sent me a different placement than what was listed. So I contacted them and they offered me a refund or some $ off. Thankfully, I liked the placement (but not NEARLY as much as what was listed) and wanted a Foresta BV so bad I kept it with the discount.
  2. The listings do say "The exact design in the picture may not be the one you receive because the patterns vary slightly with each bag. After winning the item you can send us an email and we can try to accomidate any requests you have to get the exact item as shown or if you like any particular characters on the print to pick the best item available for shipment. Sorry but we do not take any extra pictures."

    And I did e-mail them previously... and they said it's too time consuming to take more photos. -- And I asked about one of their current listings... and no response so far and it's been about a day and a half.
  3. Ooooooh okay. They didn't have that little disclaimer back when I bought mine... Maybe they encountered one too many complaints so they added it. That's good.
  4. If they only knew they could probably sell them faster and get a better price from Toki fans if we knew what the pattern placement looked like. It would be better for them to take the extra pics. I mean, I'm not really gonna take a chance on it sight un-seen.
  5. Same here, except for when I buy from SH because Lindsey really knows her stuff!
  6. Thanks.. I read the disclaimer, but I wanted to see for sure how helpful they are with print placement, esp. for the spiaggia print... I don't want a bunch of fish, boobies , and girls with no heads!!:nogood: Well I will try elsewhere..
  7. It doesn't make sense to sell them from stock photos. I understand that they will do their best, but if I want a certain character and they have no bags with that character prominently displayed, I would like to know that BEFORE committing to buy something.
  8. Exactly! Its a good way to make a customer unhappy or lose a customer... I'm so picky about placement... I will go around every store and hunt for good placement. They probably have one good bag (the stock photo) and all the other bags have fish and girls with no heads:girlsigh:.. and what is it with eBay sellers and not willing to provide more photos?? I'd like to know that the bag is real and that they're not hiding anything from me...:cursing:
  9. Update: It's now been over 2 days since I sent them a message asking if it's possible to see pics and pick placement before buying an item. No response!