Any one on the EAT CLEAN diet by Tosca Reno????

  1. Is there any body on here thats giving this diet plan a go?
  2. Love her..I have her booty book.. sometime I feel like I eat cleaner than what she suggested in the book. I only have the problem having small meals through out the day because too busy and "forget" time for the next meal.
  3. Whats the plan entail?
  4. Yes would love to read the plan
  5. from the site:

    Clean-Eating Tips
    [​IMG]Eat six meals a day

    [​IMG]Drink lots of water

    [​IMG]Steer clear of sugar and high-fat foods

    [​IMG]Eat the food that God gave us, not the "food" that humans created in laboratories

    this sounds like my life except i dont eat six meals a day. hmm
  6. Tosca's book is promoted all over the place in Oxygen magazine, mostly because she is married to the publisher, Robert Kennedy :rolleyes: That bugs me. Here is a link to the Web site on the book -

    It basically advocates eliminating processed foods, sugar and refined carbs from your diet. Eating lean meats, fruits and vegetables in their natural state, brown rice, low fat dairy, nuts, olive oil, drinking tons of water, etc. You eat small meals every 3 hours or so (which is the best way to boost your metabolism and lose weight), and get active :smile:
  7. mmm sounds good except for the 6 meals a day I would find that difficult.
  8. That is the IDEAL plan.
  9. The six meals a day are easy as they are not actual meals as such.

    I have just had my 2nd meal of the day which was a handfull of almonds and a handfull of grapes along with a regular sized bottle of water.

    Breakfast today consisted of yogurt, rasberries,a scoop of protein powder and water and some really yukky stuff too which was wheatgerm, bee pollen and flaxseed (ground), you dont have to have these and I certainly wont rush to have them again!. I ended up blending this stuff and drinking it.

    For lunch I am having a chicken, cucumber and hummus sandwich another protein shake for afternoon snack made with strawberries and mango.

    Dinner will be homemade soup with chicken and bread then before bed oatmeal.

    Dont think this all sounds too bad really, there are somethings she recommends that I just cant eat so will substitute them, will let you all know next week if I lose weight. Fingers crossed!!!!
  10. Yummy meals, loopylorns :nuts: Yogurt mixed with protein powder = kick ass. I buy the sugar free, fat free vanilla yogurt and mix it with vanilla flavored whey, then add raspberries, blueberries and chopped walnuts. Protein powder also mixes well in oatmeal.

    I have no problem eating 6, sometimes 7 times a day :shame: I recently counted how many times I eat, it seems to be on a schedule.

    5:00 a.m. - Preworkout snack

    8:00 a.m. - Breakfast

    10:30 a.m. - Snack

    12:00 p.m. - Lunch

    3:30 p.m. - Snack

    6:30 p.m. - Dinner

    9:00 p.m. - Snack

    When eating right and following something similar to the Eat Clean Diet stuff, I usually end up anywhere from 1700-1800 calories. I am constantly hungry, my stomach is almost always growling :p

  11. Yes thats about the same amount of calories Im having on this plan.

    Oh boy that yogurt and whey powder with the bee pollen etc was VILE to say the least but think it was deffo the bee pollen that did it-like I said wont rush out to buy that again.

    working out is a little hard for me a the min due to slipping a disk 3 weeks ago and having sciatica as a net result but hope to be back at the gym soon.

    I am not hungry on the plan but do find I know exactly when my next feed is due! hehe

    good luck!
  12. Will be interested to hear how you all get on :smile:
  13. I haven't really gotten into taking any of the supplements such as bee pollen, etc. The only one is flaxseed, but I do the liquid capsules.

    Good luck loopylorns! Please keep us posted :smile:

  14. Thanks Christina, I will keep you all posted.
    I have a fair way to go, I have an underactive thyroid, diagnosed after I had had 3 kids and still had a great body(good diet plus weights) but with the 4th oh boy I put on 84 pounds and now have 30 left to shift.

    Hope this works!
  15. I found an article online about the benefits of eating clean: Eating Clean = Staying Lean