Any one like Sissi Rossi?

  1. I like Sissi Rossi, But I can't find one in my living are. :yucky:
    SIS01239_159194.jpg 83148_1.jpg
  2. ehh thats not really my style- looks like a man's bag. But hey, if you like it- go for it !!
  3. i like the second one - it looks really practical!

    saw some other nice ones, why don't you check out places like yoox or NAP, they may have some of these.
  4. i saw them in the Co-Op section of
  5. BlueBee has a bunch and Brown's usually has a few. I own several, and yes the color has rubbed off and lightened on my fav seafoam color one. Maybe I should have treated it with something to prevent? So far so good with my black one.