any one L@@KING 4 the JACK & LUCY keychains??

  1. I thought someone was looking for these...........anywho they have them at Rodeo Drive LV and Saks LV in Beverly Hills, CA
  2. And the MNPLS Macy's Boutique. Thanx for the info BTW
  3. I also saw the brown/tan at Fashion Valley not too long ago.
    Hope everyone who wants them gets them!
  4. Are they in high demand (miroir and azur esque)
  5. I know they were when I got them..I think the brown/tan is pretty in demand right now whereas the orange/white was more in demand around Halloween.
  6. Gotcha. But i don't know how it isn't really seasonal. They can call it Jack and Lucy but all i see when i look @ one is nightmere b4 xmas and halloween
  7. I've seen these at all the boutiques. I don't think they're too much of a hot item like the Miroir or Azur.

    I wonder why the Azur is such a hot item even though it's a regular line :confused1:
  8. I'm wanting one SO bad, but... I can't have it until AFTER I purchase that bag down there!!! Then I have to wait.. and then there wont be ANYMORE!!!
  9. Lol well the real story behind it is that the tiny one represents Lucy, the first human skull found by archaeologists and the Jack represents the "Jack o'Lantern."
    I think they can work all year really, though. I have the orange/white one on my Mandarin jasmin and it's really cute :yes:
  10. IMO, it's because there was such a huge buildup about it and there are more people wanting it because it's so new and hot. I think once the production steadies to that of the current mono and ebony damier lines, it should cool down but right now, production numbers are low and these are in high demand for spring and summer.
  11. There are some Jacks and Lucies at Macy's LV in Herald Sq. as of last Saturday, too....
  12. That was hilarious louislovesfendi! True though I think about Hallaween! I think they are adorable!
  13. Is it to weird for a man to use the brown "Jack and Lucy" as a keyring?
  14. ^^^ Not at all!
  15. And as a charm on a Utah Messenger...?