any one know of wallets that...

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  1. hey all, im looking for a wallet that will fit in a burberry possum(sp) bag along with keys and my mobile. nothing girly or pink (dont mean to offend anyone!) but something that i can use everyday and paired with my bag it will look great. any ideas?
  2. do you know the dimensions of the bag??
  3. Show us a photo of your bag.
  4. i had a post on under a different name about the burberry bags, im still debating over the green suede:

    or i was thinking the wool tartan [​IMG]
    though i think i am leaning toward the wool tartan as of five minutes ago lol, but yeah, those are the bags that i hope to get.
  5. eBags has a selection of wallets...
  6. thanks, i looked at that, but im still looking around.
  7. [​IMG]
    $275 at NM
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