Any one know Maggie?

  1. Hi~
    I've tried to get my Maggie authenticated in the Chloe Authenticate This thread, but to no avail. Does anyone out there own a Maggie Frame bag? Do you know if they are faked often? Is there any body out there who can help me verify if this bag is authentic or not? I was hoping to get opinions from fellow PFers before I try MyPoupette. Thanks for your help!!
  2. I purchased this bag in the Antilope color,I looked at the pictures you posted and couldn't find any red flags.But let me warn you in advance the kisslock can be a pain in the butt as it tends to pop loose often.
    Personally I'd ask the seller if she could send you some well focused pics before jumping at this bag.

    Regarding fake Maggies I've yet to come across a site selling them,but you can never be too sure.
  3. Ditto to the above. I purchase an Ivory one, but returned it, the closures would not stay shut. Mine came from Nordstroms and I returned it to Nordstroms, which means it most likely went to Nordstrom Rack. I think the ones we're seeing on e-bay are picked up at NMLC, Off 5th, etc. (based on some of the receipts that were pictured.) I have a feeling many were returned because of the kiss lock problem.

    If you decide to purchase the large one with the kiss lock/divided compartments (there is a smaller one that has one zip compartment instead of the divided compartments), then you might want to make sure that you can return it.

    I've questioned several of the e-bay sellers about the lock, but answers were a bit vague --i.e., haven't carried it, don't notice anything popping open, etc.
  4. Thanks for your responses!!! I really appreciate it! I actually went ahead and asked MyPoupette, just to be sure, and they said it was fine.:okay:
    As far as the closure problems I've heard about that before. I havent had any probs with this one yet. So keep your fingers crossed for me that I dont have any in the future!
    Thanks again!:flowers: