any one know how to use the Peanut Shell Sling ?

  1. I have bought this Peanut Shell baby sling a few days ago, and after reading the instruction on the website and trying it with my wee baby several times, i still can't figure out how to use it properly !!!
    i can't figure out how they are able to put the baby in and create this "deep seat" :confused1:
    help anyone ??
  2. I have a Peanut Shell, but I used it with my DD after she turned one. I'm not sure how old your baby is. I used it in the hip carry and it worked well, though I'm planning on getting another one for the next baby. I love how cuddly it is. I have one in microfleece. Anyway, I'm not much help, but if you don't get any responses here, check out, there's a whole bunch of people on there who can help you out. There's a section all about using pouches and lots of advice. HTH and good luck!!
  3. twinkie... don't fret. I'm a seasoned babywearer. :smile: If you need help aside from what I tell ya.. head over to Those mommas are awesome over there and I've been a senior member on that board for a loooong time. :smile:

    Anyway, make sure that you have the pouch folded in half with the seam on the bottom. You also want to make sure that the pouch seam (i.e. the pocket) is facing forward. That is the "pouch" or "deep seat" you will have your baby in. It all depends on if you are doing a cradle carry (i.e. baby lying horizontally at an angle) or a tummy to tummy or hip carry.

    If you are doing a tummy to tummy or hip carry, slide your baby (facing you) through the pouch. Make sure the seam (i.e. the pocket) is centered behind their back. Once you do that, open up the pouch so that your baby can seat their bottom into it. Slowly lift up their knees so they are seated within the pocket... then you can make sure that the bottom of the pouch is secure under their knees. Once you do that.... you can pull up the "back" (i.e. front) of the pouch up to the back of their shoulders.

    If you are doing a cradle carry... its way easier. Put the Peanut shell on (with it already folded), then open up the pouch and slide the baby in. :smile: Another tip, if your baby is small... and you feel like she is getting lost in there... stick a small blanket underneath her head, so she isn't getting swallowed up by the pouch.

    Feel free to PM me if you need more help!