Any one know about how much

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  1. anyone know how much those legacy lookin flap wristlets (with the turn lock) are going for at the outlet?
  2. Im not sure they still have the legacy ones. BTW I love your O.C.D. signature:smile:
  3. I got a couple from the outlet and with the 20% coupon, they were under $40 each.
  4. Thank you!
  5. I saw those yesterday. I looked at so much stuff, I may not be remembering the price correctly, but I think they were $40. Then you would get the 20% discount making it $32.
  6. i got one last week, and it was $49, then 20% off.
  7. I love mine! I use it in place of a wallet in my Brooke-even though I have the Large Madison Wristlet in there also; I use both because my checkbook doesn't fit in the Legacy but fits in Madison. Sad huh ;) Plus if I don't want to haul around the purse, I just grab the Legacy and my iphone fits in it with my keys, very handy. I picked up a black leather one while I was at the outlet and will be giving it to my sister tomorrow for her bday.
  8. Can someone post a pic? Or do you know a thread where I can see one? Thanks!