Any one here get the Day Argent Cover

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  1. Hi balenciaga lover, i would like to see the photo of Day Argent with cover hardware. I would like to know that anyone here have this style and colour. Please share your photo, thanks:smile:
  2. Thank you very much Coutureobsessed. I have bought the first Day bag in sapphire 08 and love to have another one in covered hardware.
  3. #4 Aug 10, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2008
    Sorry about the horrible pics and the PJ's! I had to return it. Both of the front screws or whatever you call them were loose and my store didn't have another in stock. I've decided on the same bag but in Black Cherry. Here are the photos for reference:

  4. Thank a lot Z&J. I have seen Black Cherryand it's nice too.
  5. oh my god i love it, please do not show gorgeous pictures to easily seduced Balenciaga addicts!