Any one heard of handbag made of eel skin?

  1. My grandma left me a satchel complete with key pouch and wallet in eel skin. Any one heard of any bags in eel skin? And if so, do you know how to clean them? Thank you very much.
  2. Dolce and Gabbana had an eelskin bag several seasons ago.
  3. Wow, is it durable or do you have to really baby it? Just curious!
  4. Cool! I never heard of an eel skin you have a pic?
  5. Never heard of it. How does it feel to touch? Do you have to be really careful and such?
  6. It seems very soft and delicate to the touch, but a friend used to have an eel skin wallet YEARS ago and still raves about it's durability. No clue as to cleaning though - sorry!
  7. Yes, I have seen eel skin products. They are quite durable, but often the ones I've seen have a very faint fishy smell to them. I've NEVER seen this material on a high-end designer bag, probably b/c of this potential smell problem.
  8. Eel skin is actually quite strong and durable! I was surprised b/c it's so soft that it seems delicate and fragile. I was told it's significantly tougher than cow leather of the same thickness. I'm not entirely sure on care as I only have eel skin shoes and when they need spiffing up, I just take them to the shoe guy and he does what he does, but there are actually conditioners specifically for reptile skins and I've been told to use that for my shoes.
  9. I doubt D&G would use eel skin if it stunk. Anyone ever hear of stinky eel skin??... besides the raw/untreated variety, lol, THAT I am sure reaks!!
  10. It's quite a luxurious-feeling material and so durable. My boyfriend owned an eelskin wallet that was just gorgeous. Unfortunately, eelskin doesn't get much respect because there is this urban legend that eelskin wallets and purses will demagnetize the magnetic strips on your credit cards. It's not true, but many people continue to believe it.
  11. I had two eelskin purses, and loved them. I also had several wallets, and they're very durable and pretty. I think the credit card demagnetization rumour started not because of the eelskin, but the strong magnets that were used on the wallets. I'm very surprised that I don't see it used more on things.
  12. I like the look of the eelskin but I haven't handled one irl :{
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