Any One Having Regrets about getting a Kusama?

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  1. I was so excited to get my Yellow Speedy. But it has sat in the bag for nearly 2 weeks. My reveal was the only time I took it out. And I have worn the outfits that I had planned to wear with it. Maybe I got wrapped up in the hype and excitement. I still think it is a gorgeous bag, but now I think I won't ever use it.

    I'm wondering if I should take it back along with the ZCP I bought last week and use the $$$ that I will get from selling my Tivoli PM (hopefully tomorrow - this is taking forever) and buy something on the higher end of the spectrum. There is a side of me that thinks I should get something epi electric like the Mirabeau or just go all in and get an SC (are they even available). I kind of put a $2000 price limit on my LVs (Citadine was to be the most I ever spent) so I have really never ever "considered" going that crazy with LV except in my dreams where I win the lottery.

    I am so torn. Any one else having regrets about getting the polka dots?
  2. I think sometimes we (tpfer's ) do get caught up in the excitement!!!!! Have you not used it because you don't love the color? Or... Are you afraid of getting it dirty????
  3. I think it is so outside of my comfort level. I gravitate towards more subtle pieces. I posted my collection to show my style. And I think I have shopping addiction. I do the same with shoes - buy buy buy and never wear. I think I wanted to broaden my horizons so to speak, but now I think it may be too much for a 37-almost 38 year lawyer. I realized I would never carry this bag in a professional setting and that kind of sounded the alarms. For as much as I like the idea of going out and being trendy, I don't do it nearly enough! A glass of wine on the couch is pretty wild!

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  4. I'm the same way..I fantasize about wearing bags with cute outfits, but frankly, the only time I ever put on a cute outfit and a great bag is when I go to LV. Other than that, I pretty much only carry boring, plain bags.

    I still love the kusama though, and don't really find it all that crazy or wild looking. It's tame enough to wear with jeans and a tee shirt.

    I love chanel and the fancier LV bags, but would never buy one..I can't think of one outfit that I own that could pull off a Chanel with a dainty little
  5. Ooh I understand! I don't have a Kusama piece, although it's pretty to look at, BUT I also realized that I would be buying it just to have it and not really use it. So there was no point in me buying it to sit in the closet. I stick to more subtle pieces too but if I wanted some color or to be trendy, I'd just purchase something in the SLG for the insides of your subtle pieces.
  6. Take it back & get something you will carry. I completely understand where your coming from. I work in a professional setting and would not feel comfortable carrying any of the Kusami bags. I think you should consider the SC.
  7. I understand what you mean 100%! I am also addicted to shopping and mostly with LV. I do think I was getting caught up in the hype of it being on TPF. I have the Kusama blue speedy and the red keyfob. I have to say I've used both since I got them and I still love them. At one point even just last week, I wanted the white NF and the red speedy! I just can't stop needing and wanting more lol. And, it's only with Kusama because it's limited. I usually can wait on other classic pieces that will still be there when I can afford them.

    I fell in love with the blue speedy first time I saw it on here in an LV add. It was love at first site for me. The color is just so pretty, I just find myself staring at it, lol. When I went to get it in the store and it wasn't even out of the dust bag and I saw the color I knew I love it. Now, with the other colors I've seen them all in person and none of them gave me that feeling but yet, I convinced myself I "needed" a NF, and I don't care for the yellow. The red I returned when I went to pick up my pre order, it was just not for me. So, I must want the white, right?! Ugh, I feel so nutty sometimes. Sorry for the long message I just know how you feel. Unless, you "love it" take it back. Don't worry about it being a LE, you can always buy it later down the line I'm sure. That's how I got my cube :smile:

    Also, I just used my blue speedy over the weekend at the grove in bev hills and I'm pretty sure my bag was eye raped by every woman's eyes lol.
    I liked that it's unique and I have yet to see anyone in person wearing any Kusama, which I like. :biggrin:
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    Unless you are loving it, I wouldn't keep it. It is a lovely bag. With a pretty navy suit, I think totally cute. But only you know if you will use it enough to keep it. What sort of law do you practice? If you dress conservative, i can see the concern.
  9. My opinion, if you're having second opinion about the purse, you should maybe return it. That's just how I feel. Everything I've had second thoughts on, I ended up returning it with no regrets. Of course in the beginning I second, third, fourth guess myself, but afterwards, I don't regret it. It's your choice in the end.
  10. If you don't love it, then take it back. I love my green speedy and have to hold myself back from wearing it too much! Lol. Maybe get something else that will fit your lifestyle more. Bjtaylor did a review of her white speedy, and although she isn't wearing a suit, she looks very appropriate and chic. Maybe a weekend bag?
  11. you have a lovely collection already!!!! Don't beat yourself up about it!!! Just return it and walk away from the store :graucho:!!! Give yourself time to think about a bag that would best fit your style!!!
  12. It sounds like you've lost the initial love for this bag and will probably be best for you to return it and put it toward something more exciting for you. I got the red Speedy, and I, too have not carried it yet, but am excited to carry it soon. It won't be a work bag for me but will be fun on my off days. If you don't feel the excitement then you need to return it. I ended up doing that with 2 other LV bags a few months ago, and I felt so relieved afterwards.
  13. Return the bag if u find it hard to bring it out. U may consider keeping slg.
  14. You aren't the only 30-something lawyer with a shopping addiction on here. I swear I think it's therapy from all the stress for me :smile:
  15. I also got caught up in the hype. I'm really conservative too and almost bought the zippy kusama but pulled back. Came to the realization my style is too classic. But I lovvvvve looking at them.