Any one have this CL? Comfy??

  1. Does any one have this little cutie and if so is it comfy? Or does any one have a style similiar who can comment? I am thinking with the 1 1/2 heel that will help. This would be great for work when you don't want alot of heel but not a flat either. Chic little shoe IMO. Also, any comments on how you like the shoe, throw them in too, opinions always valued and taken into consideration.:flowers: Oh, it looks like rafia.
    Thanks you all! So nice to have some a great network out there!!
    0441924154194_275x275CL pump.jpg
  2. No, I don't have this shoe but I'm sure that it's comfortable. The heel is low and the cut looks like it would grip your foot well. If you like them, you should buy them! If they don't work out, you can always return them :smile:
  3. Do they look too casual? I pre ordered a black and white wedge espadrille, I need a balance. I get alot of use out of black. I have no black flats or low heels for spring. Thank you!!
  4. my mum came really close to buying this pair but they were a size too big. the fit on the shoe is just right when the right size and despite the cut out on the side, you can tell that it will be a great fitting to the feet and the low heel made it all the more comfy to be walking around all day in it.

    loubs can never look simply casual. i believe it always comes down to how u dress to complement the shoe. lol*

    hope this helps.. =)