Any One Have "real" Pics Of White Miranda

  1. Hey Everone Ive Been Waiting To See If Anyone Has Pics Of The White Miranda, The Catalogue Does It No Justice!so Please Post Your Pics.

  2. I just saw one at the mall - in the Coach store window - and it really was gorgeous. Not snow white, but more off white. It was much prettier than in the catalog.

    Darn, I should have used my cell phone to take a picture!
  3. Yes You Should Have!!!!!! The Catalogue Pic Is Nice, I Just Would Like To See It Modeled. I Have The Bordeaux With The Matching Vintage Leather Wristlet. But I Looooove Whites And Browns, So I Wanted Them To Make It In White..... I Think They Read My Mind!

  4. I may go back to the mall on Monday - so I'll take a picture then! I don't normally like white bags (almost everything in my wardrobe is black!) - but the white Miranda was stunning.
  5. Okay Cool. My Coach Store Is So Lame, They Never Get Anything High End In. They Love Me Coming In Cuz I Order All The Better Bags So They Get To See Them. Im The Only Person They've Seen With Either Lily And Miranda, So I Kinda Feel Special.
  6. My local Coach store had a lot of new things - stuff from the new catalog - and they were working on one of the displays when I was there (setting up the new Ergo large tote). And four of the SAs in that store also own the Miranda (I have the black and the bordeaux) - so they were also smiling when they saw me drooling over the new white bag.