Any one have Onatah GM Leather

  1. I'm considering buy the Onatah GM Leather (not the suede) can anyone give me advised review, or even picture of the bag if any ?

    I loved the look in picture but I'm kind a worry of the actual look so I really need input before placed an order.

    Thank you in advance for the respond.
  2. Cecilia has it:yes: here's the pic. she posted. GL deciding!
  3. Such a lovely bag :girlsigh:
  4. I have the onatah gm in white and I love it!
    It is a bag you don't see all over the place...
    I will try and post some pics.
  5. Thank you for the picture.

    is it true that the Onatah GM come in brown/mocca color ?

    At LV web it just showed the aubergine (purple) and white only ?
  6. Yes, LV did come out with a a Moka Onatah GM! I have the white Onatah GM and i love it. there are more pictures if you go to the onatah clubhouse: :tup:
  7. Thank you all for your best info.
  8. lovely bag :tup:
  9. Here's my Onatah GM in Aubergine and a pic of the inside. I love this bag, one of my favorites. Like someone else said ... you don't see very many of these running around!
    spe 35 -03.jpg spe 35 -08.jpg
  10. lol ya I have it. It's a nice bag and the calf leather is very soft too, same as the current Mahinas. They use some special aero-tech to do the perforations which makes the symmetry amazingly well-aligned! In the beginning, the only thing I got annoyed with was the peeling glazing on the zipper edges...

    Here are some more pix. They say "LE FW06" cuz I was tricked by the SA in thinking that it was really limited edition. It's really part of the seasonal collection.



  11. Cecelia, luv your modeling pics. I really want one in Aubergine now!
  12. This is a stunning bag.
  13. Gorgeous purple onatah, one of my favorites
  14. Wow that is one HOT bag! :nuts: