Any one have Damier Nolita?

  1. Any one out here have Damier Nolita? Seems pretty big from the measurements, but can anyone post some model pix? Is it more of travel luggage or everyday bag? Thanks!
  2. Anyone?:search:
  3. There are two sizes of the Nolita. The one I have is the Nolita 24h which, I heard, has been discontinued. That's the one that's like an overnight bag. The other one is the city bag, size: 14"x 10.8" x5.9"-- about the size of a Manhattan GM.
  4. oh thanks! What size is the other one?
  5. The size of the 24 Heures is H27.5 X W35.5 X D15.
  6. the Nolita 24h is 17.1" x 13" x 6.7"
  7. Oops sorry :blush: this is the size of the Nolita in cm, RyckiV is right.
  8. The smaller version of the Nolita is similar to the Deauville. I had compared the two when I was going to buy one a few years ago. I wound up getting the Deauville.

    I love the Damier print, so the Nolita is nice and also has the d-rings on the handles so that you can attach a strap - just like the Deauville. (I have a strap for it). But, I chose the Deauville. The Deauville has a washable lining although I do not use it for toiletries. I use the Deauville as a purse/tote bag.