Any one have a Braccialetto?

  1. I'm wondering about the Braccialetto. Does anyone have one?
  2. i have one but i haven't used it yet :sweatdrop: but i think it's rather nifty if your just needing cash and nothing else... i think it'll curb my spending at conventions
  3. Is the fit adjustable to your wrist, or is it one size? Which print? I'm thinking of getting that or the Canguro. I showed the Canguro to my bf today and he said, "No, that's a fanny pack."
  4. I have it in inferno and it has two sets of snap ons to adjust to various sized wrists Doesn't fit a whole lot....not even that much cash, I never put a credit card in it b/c I was afraid of it bending.

    I like the canguro, I just have a hard time seeing myself use one.
  5. My husband doesn't like the Canguro but he also doesn't like it when he has to take off his pajama pants and put on real pants when we have company. :shrugs:
    The Braccialetto is cute but it wouldn't hold enough for me. I haven't used in much but I'm kinda into the canguro now and comitted to using it this summer. I have a Citta Rosa one and a Adios star (with a rainbow :love:) on the way.
  6. :roflmfao: Sorry that's just funny.
  7. it would be funnier if I was kidding :rolleyes:
  8. :huh:O, i Didn't think you were kidding....
  9. Its cute, but doesnt show much of the print unless the print is small. I looked at the measurements on the lesportsac website and it seems to big to properly fit me-I havent even seen one in person!
  10. That was funny robotkitten:graucho:
  11. :lol: well i was thinking getting one but i was worried primarily of it bending my cards so i never bothered getting it...
  12. HAha. Surprisingly my bf thought the braccialetto was cool. But yeah, it won't hold much. Maybe like if you kept a couple of dollars folded up. But make sure they are big dollars incase you need more money . . .
  13. So would I be better off with the Canguro? I like it for trips to Disney or Sea World but the bracialetto seems like a cool accessory to add to a simple outfit. But im not sure.:shrugs:
  14. but what if you brought a big bill and your change happens to be lots lil bills :lol: how is it going to fit?? ...guess your pockets :p
  15. Good point vmasterz. I e-mailed south hampton outlet and asked if they have a canguro; if they have one im going to order it; unless I find one in pirata soo. I'm too confused.