any one has LOUP ??

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  1. im thinking about getting the damier geant loup but i dunno how does it look in real life. and the fact that its not leather so i dunno how good its gonna be in sense of resistance to water or the dirt. Anyone with the bag help me out plz,,,, thanks in advance.... and pics will be greatly appreciated. Or if u guys have any more suggestions on messenger bag plz help me out as well. I need i bag for everyday use/ school bag. THNX :smile: :smile:
  2. There's some leather on it, but the canvas is just as water repellant and durable as the monogram canvas. I don't think there's any difference, and the leather parts looks a lot better because of the way the are tanned, and it's not vachetta. I haven't got the Loup.
  3. damier geant has vachetta on it if you get the Terre color.

    i have the pionnier backpack and LOVE it
  4. I loved the bag when I first saw it online! However, when I saw it in real life at the LV boutique, it seemed less "wow" than I first thought and ended up being too blah for my liking anymore.. But that's just my opinion and taste! I still think it would be so cute for someone else to wear around or to school.
  5. The noir (black) loup has treated black leather on it. I'm set on it being my next bag...unless the damier azur naviglio comes out first!
  6. My hb has it ...and like it a lot! :smile:
    Loup.JPG Loup 2.JPG
  7. I had the tierre one before but returned it and got the GM Bosphone instead now i want it back again:nuts: and for $900 for a geant bag is a steal...
  8. what a great idea !

  9. Like the Loup..didn't know what one was until I read this thread - thanks