any one has a lovely muscade edith/edith loaf?

  1. may u kindly post a pic plz :heart:
    and if possible if u have a whiskey to compare it with! :jammin:
    i have a choco loaf edith.. and i LOVE it to death!
    would love to see Muscade pics :yes:
    thank u so much in advance :flowers:
  2. Don't know if this will help but here is a pic of my Whiskey Edith and underneath, a pic of my Muscade Paddy......

    Hopefully someone will be along soon with a Muscade Edith pic ;)

  3. your making me :drool: :sweatdrop:
    thank u so much dear Balchlfen flowers:.. indeed ur paddy looks amazing in that lovely color!
    ur whiskey also :jammin:

    i saw the muscade IRL only once on Edith.. in my local Saks.. but then i forgot how it compares to whiskey.. cause they had only muscade at that time! but as far as i recall i was in love with that color!!
    hope an Edith/loaf muscade owner would share a pic soon :heart:
  4. The muscade is absolutely beautiful! The colour is so neutral it goes with everything :love:
  5. awww yes!! i recall how the stiching just blew me away! breath taking! just pure insane beauty!! :heart:
  6. ^^ ohh, Vanilla_addict, now you have made me want to take my muscade out and show her off!! :love:
  7. yes yes do that!! go go go girl!! i have been dreaming of it these days loool the dark stiching.. oh the dark stiching<<faints! loool
    my edith choco loaf goes to work with me each and everyday and it makes me smile everytime i look at it!
    may i ask do u have a paddy muscade dear? :nuts:
  8. still searching for an Edith in muscade or loaf edith in muscade pic :heart: i would be grateful for anyone who shares a pic :flowers:
  9. Here's my muscade Edith bowler next to my whiskey Edith messenger satchel. The first pic is with flash, the second without. HTH!


  10. OMG OMG i am officially dead!! :roflmfao:
    luvmygirls0 sweetie thank u sooooooooo much for posting your wounderful pics! plz plz plz hang into that muscade of urs! oh my how the color is just to die for!!
    i enjoyed the pic without flash.. i think i will put is a screen background!! :heart:
    may i ask how do u like this color dear? since u have the whiskey too? :flowers:

    would love to see more muscade pics ladies! keep them comming!!
  11. I loooove both colors. I had the muscade first and thought it was SUCH a gorgeous neutral. Then, after all the talk about whiskeys, and looking at the Chloe Reference Library Edith thread, I decided I had to have a whiskey satchel, too. The whiskey has a lovely touch of orange in it which I think makes it so nice for spring. You really can't go wrong either way. ;)
  12. and a little bump! perhaps someone else has a lovley muscade whom could share pics :drool: