Any one guess when these'll go?

  1. Probably not likely but seeing as how the trend is to ship em out as soon as they come in, whats my chance of finding the latest patchworks-denim and the gold one- at the outlet in say like..august?
    I'd love to have a gold or denim patchwork, but cannot dish out that much money just for the ever if it was at the outlets..... Just wondering what bags do you predict will be at the outlets in august? (just in time for me to go coach outlet hopping in myrtle beach!)
  2. Hmm.... since these are bags that can transition into fall, I'd say the end of August at the earliest. They also might hold them at JAX before sending them to outlets.
  3. yeah That's what I was thinking too...of course lucky me isn't going to M.B. till the last week in august, so it may be great timing! (hopefully)if not, i hope there will be some great bags there!
  4. I'm sure there will be, especially with the high turnover we've been seeing lately!
  5. The outlets seem to have a selection and turnover of the pw bags. So maybe it will be in August.