Any one familiar with Celine date codes

  1. A bag I am interested in on eBay, the seller said she could not get a clear photo of the date code but said it was CE00/32
    Is this a valid date code for a Celine bag?
  2. Hi, I have a great looking celine "weekend" bag (the real deal). My bag has the same numbers on it. Though, mine is a different shade of brown, and has slightly different styling. This one looks legit to me. Things you can check for are: Inside bag leather tag should read "CELINE" on the top side, under side has the numbers, along with "Made in Italy." The word Celine is usually embossed in the metal (such as the hand strap buckles, along with swirly logos on any metal on the purse. Beautiful bag, by the way. Looks like a Celine to me. I'm guessing its legit.