Any one else have dreams about...

  1. Buying Vuitton? LOL I breathe this stuff lol
  2. Yes, much to DH's dismay. I talk, breathe and think LV ALL day long. I know, it's pathetic!
  3. MY DH feels the same way lol
  4. Yes! And what's worse, it's not just LV.
  5. I was looking at a Vanilla Epi Soufflot on eBay the other day :love: was totally gorgeous and in perfect condition. I wanted it so bad, but I had just ordered an Mandarin Epi Noe which I really wanted too. I got my Noe but I couldn't get the Soufflot, but I did dream about it one night. It's sold now. :crybaby:
  6. every nite! right now I am thinking about my next purchase. (bunch of things or 1 big thing)
  7. OMG! Me too!
    Lately it's been Balenciaga on top of the LV chatter! :lol:

    DH is worried that I'll start developing an obsession with Hermes! :sweatdrop: (that's him sweating it!) :lol:
  8. Sweet dreams are made of this....
  9. MY DH said great what is to keep you from wanting a hermes...I think it is funny he knows what a hermes is lol
  10. lol i had a dream that i was going to buy a MC Black Tourville a few night ago! hehehe!
  11. At this time, no, I have not had any dreams.:crybaby:
  12. YES! It's always sad when I wake up, and I don't actually have any of the bags I dreamed I did :crybaby:
  13. My BF tells me I need to quit looking at fashion magazines. He says I be talking about bags in my dreams. That's something :lol:
  14. i ALWAYS have dreams about getting LV bags. maybe its because im always thinking which LV bag to get before sleeping. total Maddness!
  15. I dream about winning the lottery, then buying LV bags!
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