Any one..? DH and Forum..? Together...^^?

  1. I am just curious...Do any of you guys have a spouse who is a member of Hermes forum together?

    I talk to my DH about Hermes forum all the time, such as who got new bags, and some funny and good stories I read from here...etc., all of sudden, my DH said "Those ladies on that Hermes forum have many many good bags!" and I said "I know you look around Hermes forum sometimes.." then he was like "Yeh, I have my own ID and password (his face was like:graucho: )" and my face was like:wtf: !!! I thought he looked around forum only when I was logged on. I guess he is a member here, too!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

    I mean my DH is REALLY SUPER busy, so, I don't think he would visit forum that often (maybe once a month or once every other month maximum:roflmfao:, heeheehee...), but he cares enough about my passion towards Hermes to register to be a member here with me!!!

    I asked him "You can be honest, I won't be upset or anything...I promise, okay? Do you think spending $$$$ on Hermes bags like that is too much or wasting money? Do you think I should cut down...?" My DH said "I appreciate Hermes quality and Hermes gives you happiness...and it's a good investment! I mean, by the time our daughter wants Hermes bags, the same bag might be 10 times more expensive than now! So, she will be able to save alot of money if we stack up some bags for her!"

    Our daughter (5 years old) already knows the difference among Kelly, Bikin and Bolide....not only that she knows the difference among skins somewhat like croc., ostrich, togo and box leather...something easy tell kind of leather...(she has hard time to differeciate among chevre, clemance, togo, epsom...but she knows difference between togo and box among regular leather...heehee:p ..again...easy ones...) She already declared that she liked poka-dot bags (ostrich):wtf: :roflmfao: !

    I guess Hermes addcition runs in the family and very contagious!:lol:
  2. Ohhhhh !!!!!! THIS IS SOOOOO CUTE and FUNNY!!!!!!
    and yes H is VERY contagious !!!!!
  3. AAAAWWWW, that is so sweet.
    Your DH sounds very nice, thanks for sharing.

    :heart: :yes: :heart:
  4. My DH is very supportive of my Hermes interest and has bought me all of my bags, but he is not a member of the forum. I do keep him up to date on your latest conquests though. He did buy himself a pair of Hermes shoes and really loves them. I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful DH. Your hubby sounds like a real sweetheart too!
  5. This is so funny!
  6. Aspen, your DH sounds like a really nice guy who appreciates Hermes! :heart: Mine is definitely NOT a member of tPF. Sometimes he'd peek when I type my posts, & he joked that if I could get paid for every minute I spent on tPF, I would probably be able to afford more H bags! :roflmfao:
  7. oh that's so cute. and omg about your daughter. i can't tell the difference in the leathers yet and i'm 6 times her age!
  8. Wow, sounds like you have an amazing family!! My husband has to listen to all the stories and look at all the pretty pictures etc. but he's not, and I doubt he'll ever be, a member. He's asked for a subforum for spousal support though :p
  9. That's so funny! And you're daughter is so cute with the polka-dot bag!
  10. Very funny and sweet. My DH is not the member of the forum,but he knows a lot *NEWS* from the forum( I told him), and saw the pix I showed him:yes: I have japanese H bible at home, and he simply put " X " on the bag he dosn't like, so there are many O and X on my book:supacool: When my friends see that book , they are :confused1: :confused1:
  11. Would your DH be the one who posted the picture of the H knee-pads around Valentine's day??
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Your DH wouldn't go by the handle "Bemused DH", would he?
  14. If he is, she is a lucky gal to have a DH with such a great sense of humor, not to mention quite a way with photoshop!!!

    Those kneepads get me every time.:shame:
  15. I agree... those knee pads are brilliant. This DH has definitely paid attention to H detail...