any one checked with pulse recently?

  1. I got my Spiaggia Gioco yesterday, & although Casey was WONDERFUL to describe my print placement for the front & back of the bag, I am just disappointed with it altogether. I have the exact same patch of print on the top, bottom & all sides of the bag, it's very repetitive & boring :sad: I was happy when she told me that Adios was on the front but it turns out he is there but his surf board is cut off so it just looks like he is falling backwards....So my question is: has anyone exchanged a bag with pulse before, & what was your experience? Also has anyone called them recently, & what bags were you told they had? I understand they got a second shipment, but I'm not sure if that was before or after my order.Thanks for any replies :smile:
  2. Did she send you pics of the bag before you got it? Usually she does that. You can return or exchange it no matter...but its a fast return 5 business days or you'd have to decide quickly. If you want a refund, you'll have to pay return postage and the original shipping to get it to you if it was originally free shipping. But, if you're doing an exchange, I believe you only have to pay shipping to return this bag. But if I were you I'd do it quickly if you have doubts! I'm sure they'll be more than accomodating! I wouldn't wait...I'd call her right away. They're all about making the customer happy!
  3. It was her last Gioco so she didn't offer to send pictures. I wouldn't have had another one to choose from anyway! I'm thinking that maybe Gioco just isn't the right bag for this print.... It was just such a bummer yesterday because I was so excited to get my bag, & then I saw it & was Bleh.... I know if I don't love it then I won't use it & I spent too much not to!
  4. That's for sure! If you don't like the style...maybe you could get the print in another style from them? I don't think she has to offer to send can ask. Even if its her last bag...she'll do that for you. Its better for her and the customer than going through returns/exchanges. Give her a call.....she might be able to send you a pic of another bag you absolutely love and it'll make your day again!
  5. I just sent back a spiaggia stellina since I wasn't happy with it. Instead I got a BV. Which I'm really happy with. You have 10 days to return it. So you need to decide quickly. I sent mine out priority w/insurance and delivery confirm. They should be getting it today. So I'll have to check up on my account and see if I have been credited over the weekend.

    Not sure what styles are left now.

    Oh, make sure you call for an RA#.
  6. aw, that sucks that your bag is so repetitive...pic of it? I'm afraid I won't like my bambino since it's so small...but i have a feeling i'll live with it lol.
  7. Getting the exact right print placement on some bag/print combinations was really brought home to me yesterday.

    I posted last week about seeing a Pirata (my favorite print) Zucca (favorite bag style) and how I thought it was just not a good combo so I left the store without buying. The print placement was really pretty good, it was what I thought I was looking for, I had a hard time imagining how it could have been better, I just didn't LOVE it.

    Well, I decided I really did need to get it anyway... and with the sale now was the time. So I bought the best of the three they had.

    Then I decided to check another Macys that is a bit further away and usually has less selection. Well they had another Zucca and it was totally PERFECT. Everything was just shifted a tiny bit from the other one. Made the whole bag pop. I love it.

    So yeah, if you're not happy, keep looking, the right bag IS out there somewhere.