Any one buying the new leather lace?

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  1. they are only $67.00 on eluxury can be worn as a bracelet or necklace...

    under new arrivals

    looks more like a s/s thing to me...

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  2. I'll be passing. Kinda s/m to me ;)
  3. looks cool. i'd be very interested to see these in person.
  4. That's cool..I saw that in store , nothing really special unless you put LV pendant especially the flower one.
  5. Not for me
  6. Pretty colors though! :biggrin:
  7. Yeah, I agree. I also just don't think it's worth it... couldn't justify buying something so simple.
  8. They seem sort of plain to me. I know that the Emprise bracelet is on one of these bands. When I was looking into it, they SA told me he could give me extra bands for the bracelet if I wanted numerous colors.
  9. They're so plain. I don't know why it's even $67 when it's just a colored cord :confused1:
  10. yea colors look a lil s/s to me too.
  11. Not really my style :shrugs:

  12. That would be SOOO CUTE!!!:yes: :heart:
  13. That's a joke, right?!
  14. Agreed :yes:
    $67.00 is actually a lot of $$ for a piece like that...I'd rather pay more to buy a keychain!

    Hmm looked under New Arrivals and they are gone...mistake, maybe?