Any one buy from ?

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  1. Here's the website

    I am thinking of buying something, but heres what I encountered:

    1. Phone number does not work from US (and they have no toll free dialling for U.S)

    2. My CC info was not accepted, and I got errors 5 times

    3. U.S shipping is only $10

    4. When I emailed them, I got a response from the group (Aurorafashions) helpdesk that manages Oasis store and other stores.

    From what I can tell, their okay, but the issue ordering is making me worried. Any experiences?:smile:
  2. The Oasis brand is sold in a lot of stores here in europe, but I'm not sure about delivering outside uk. Here's from the faq:

    Do you deliver or send products outside the United Kingdom?

    We cannot deliver to addresses outside of the UK or Republic of Ireland, including BFPO addresses.
  3. ^Thanks! On the website they say they ship to US...eep! I'm not going to order then.
  4. That's weird that they say they can ship to the US for $10, but the faq completely contradicts that. When you called their number, did you remember to dial 011 for international calling?
  5. ^No, no i did not. oopps. But it's not even toll free. I don't know. I've done international orders before and never had such an issue. I'm just not going to bother. thanks anyway.