Any one bought from "A SECOND CHANCE RESALE"?

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  1. I'm about to purchase something from ebay seller "A SECOND CHANCE RESALE", However I checked the feedback, they are private thus can't see the items sold. Some friend told me never buy stuff from seller who are ID kept private. But I did see a lot of good feedbacks saying item was authentic.

    Anybody has ever dealt with this seller before? I'm new to ebay, the item I want to purchase is expensive. I just want to get some idea here to make sure that I'm not going to be knocked off by fakes. The auction looks like very clear and pictures are great. Anybody please give me some 2 cents? Thank you!
  2. No but I bid on an item from them once...
    It was an LV Inclusion bangle they had up for the longest time as a Buy it Now for about $290. It ended without a buyer.
    Then they put it back up again as a Buy it Now/Best Offer for about $280 I think. I offered $250 and they declined. :shrugs:

    But yeah, in general their stuff is authentic; if it's a bag you're interested in, check with the "Authenticate This" area of that designer's items here and someone can look at it for you to make sure it's authentic. Better to be safe than sorry.
  3. Yes, I bought/won a wallet from her a few years ago. It came wrapped up very nicely, and of course the wallet was authentic.
  4. I purchased an authentic Chanel from them recently
    No issues.
  5. Thanks you guys for your reply. I'm now feeling more comfortable to buy from this seller. Thank you all.
  6. I wouldnt worry about the private auctions for high end goods, I do it now on anything thats a high end brand because someone stole pictures from one of my ended auctions once and was using them, I think some scammers think if they steal pics from listings that have already ended that the sellers wont be paying attention and they can slip by etc. So now I use private listing for anything expensive that way no one can go in 2 weeks later and swipe those pics.
  7. I purchased a 100% authentic Balenciaga 'Mastic' GGH hobo....was brand new!!!
    And they accepted my lowball offer:shame:
  8. This is the auction vehicle of their bricks and mortar store in NYC on Lexington Ave. I have been there, they are legit.
  9. Definitely authentic goods. You have no worries. I have bought 2 Chanel pieces from them. Items are beautifully wrapped.