any one been to el bulli?

  1. iv just found out that my SO has reservations there for the summer. he booked last may! hes such a sweetie.

    have any of you foodies been? or tried to get a table?

    (for those who dont know, google it, its the best restaurant in the world and is booked up up until 2009!)
  2. Lucky you :yahoo:
    I know a guy who did a stage ( you work for free) there. I also have a Chef friend that ate there. They both said it was the real deal.
  3. Heyy, I saw that on the Travel channel! I wish I could go someday!!!
  4. Lucky you. It's up there on my life's-to-do-list. It has been the best restaurant in the world for the last few years for a reason. Enjoy!
  5. Bumping an old thread - but I am currently in the midst of trying to get reservations again and here are some stats that I pulled from my latest blog post that I thought people would find interesting:

    El Bulli in numbers:
    Reservation requests per year: 8,000,000
    Customers per year: 8,000
    Diners for lunch and dinner: 50 people
    Average staff daily: 60 people
    El Bulli kitchen space: 350 square meters
    Dining space: 330 meters (including terrace)
    Wines on wine menu: 1,616
    Styles of glassware: 55
    Average final meal price per person: 230 euro (Approximately $325 US)
    % of tables reserved for returning customers: 50%
    Number of years the restaurant has operated at a loss: 10
  6. I've been there twice. Once in 2006 (where I absolutely loved it - best meal in my life) and again in 2007 (it was disappointing by comparison). A friend had a table in 2008 and asked if I wanted to go but I said no - and my friends - who also love food - said it was truly awful. But another friend went last year and said it was incredible.