Any one a Amazon seller? Can you help me out!

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    I just listed some books on amazon and it says "it doesn't cost me a penny until my item gets sold." Is this true? I get a email saying "your listing will remain listed until it is purchased or for 60 days, whichever comes first."

    So lets say if my listing does get sold would I have to pay any fee's? And read someone around for payment fee's I'm so confused.

    Any amazon sellers that can help me out!!!

    If my item does get sold I would ship media mail and should i purchase insurance? Does any one purchase insurance with media mail
  2. I just sold my first book on amazon. I *think* if nobody buys your item after 60 days the listing is removed at no charge.

    The fees for selling kinda confuse me on there though :/
  3. Say, your book sells for $40 + $3.99 for shipping. Out of that price, Amazon takes their commission out automatically and you keep the rest.
  4. I haven't sold any books, but I have had CDs up for longer than 60 days. Maybe because I made changes to the listing, but they haven't been removed, and I haven't been charged anything other than commission after sale. The Amazon commission is pretty steep if your item is on the cheap side, base + %. Check and see if you can do better there, their commission is just 15% flat.
  5. 1) it doesnt cost u unless u sell it. if it doesnt sell, they email u and u have the option to re-list or let the items expire

    2) if its sold they take their commission out of your final sale price

    3) when it is sold, they will inform u wat shipping option was chosen by the buyer. when you process it, you have the option of using shipping thru amazon (which is cheaper) or u can send it out on ur own.

    4) they also have set fees for shipping, so you dont have to set it up, but its usually really low (like $1.45 lol).
  6. I listed two books last night and one got sold within an hour so I shipped this morning and the second one got sold this afternoon. And I'm planning on shipping it tomorrow morning again.

    How do I ship thur Amazon? I just sent it out today and the book was five pounds and I also purchased delivery confirmation so that end up to be $5.

    Thanks a million I was super confused but I listed anyways. You've guys cleared it up for me!

    Now I have another question. I don't know how I'm suppose to receive the funds. I didn't set up a bank account but they have my Visa info is that okay or do I have to set up my bank account for them to transfer funds?