ANy Onatah owners out there?

  1. Hi there,

    I have been a lurker on this board since recently getting into Louis Vuitton. I only have a few pieces (BH, PH, wapity) but i'm looking to extend my collection. :smile:

    I recently ordered the Onatah Pochette in Mocha but, after searching this forum and looking at photos, I'm wondering if I should have gotten the GM in Aubergine instead. My biggest concern is size. I'm afraid that the pochette will be too small for me. For those of you that have the pochette, what do you think about the size and how much can you fit in it? Also, could someone post a pic of them wearing their pochette? Thanks!!!

  2. I don't have the PM, but the Aubergine PM is definitely my favourite all time dressy night out bag (followed by the Vernis amarante sunset boulevard) :yes: I think you should keep yours. It's a beautiful bag and fits about twice as a pochette accessoire from what I remember at the store
  3. I have the orange suede onatah but have been eyeing that aubergine. it is a beautiful bag. even for an evening bag, any pochette is still too small for me...
  4. I love GM in Aubergine but I can't get it cuz its not available @ my local store. SA says its a limited edition and they do not carry it anymore.
  5. I bought the onatah pochette in mocha when it was first released, but returned it since the shape didn't work for me at all. It was not the size - it's huge for a pochette, holds a lot - but more the shape that felt awkward. Since it's so big, the long, flat shape looks a bit odd unless you stuff it, and if you do, it looks like a pillow. Again, jmo.
    I ended up with the onatah gm in cocoa (suede) and I love it - it works much better for me and holds a ton.
  6. Thanks everyone! I feel better about this bag since it sounds like a generously sized "pochette". Hopefully, I'll also like the shape of it. If I keep it, I'll post a picture of me wearing it.:smile:

    Thanks again!!
  7. Update: I received the pochette and was a little dissapointed with the shape (when full). It didn't look "bad"- I just didn't like it on me. :sad: THe hubby offered to take me into the city to exchange it so we packed up the two kids and were off. :smile:

    I ended up getting the GM in Aubergine- it was amazing in person! Then, while walking through Bloomie's, I caught the Dior sale and found a great deal on a Diorssimo Multi-pocket bag. It was too good to pass up. So, I guess I won't be getting anything else for a while. :crybaby: But, I wanted to thank you all for your advice and share a couple of pictures of my purchases.
  8. Congrats - the aubergine looks stunning on you!
  9. Thank you!! I love it! You were right about the size- it's perfect. I forgot to post the pic of the dior too. 50% off was a steal. :smile: