Any Oklahoma girls here? HELP!

  1. Hi guys!

    I will be moving to Oklahoma City in August for law school @ OCU law. Anyone who can tell me ANYTHING about OK, OKC, OCU, ANYTHING!, would be REALLY helping me!

    I am moving from CT, so its going to be far away from home & DH has to stay in CT until our house sells!

    TIA for any + info!:heart::tup:

  2. I'm not from OK, but DH is. We go every year to visit his daughter and his sister who still live there. That part of OK is very flat and brown in the summertime. Houses are extremely close together. Not only in OKC, but in Lawton as well (where his sister lives). My step daughter went to OU. I don't particularly care for OK, I am from NC and there just seems to be a different lifestyle from what I am used to. BTW- we are from the same SES, so that's not it.
  3. Hey!! I'm an undergrad at OCU! And I just met another tPFer TODAY that's at OCU Law :yes: This is so weird because I've always thought I was the only person from Oklahoma City that ever posted in here...haha

    OCU has a great law school, as you probably already know. The area surrounding OCU is not the greatest, but rest assured... the campus is very safe. The OCU Police do a a great job!
    OCU is pretty close to the Downtown OKC and Bricktown area... only a few mins away. There's tons of entertainment down there. Our school is pretty close to Penn Square Mall, probably the best mall in OKC. Also it close to Nichols Hills, one of the premiere areas of OKC (where some of the rich doctors live :p)
    I dont know what else to say... ask questions!! And welcome!!
  4. Is OCU in Edmond? I always forget the name of that college there on 2nd street{?}
    I'm an Okie:yes:

    mcmahan, depends on where you looked specifically and what you compare it to.
    Compare to most Dallas and Houston homes, people have a LOT of land in OK:yes:
  5. No hahah... OCU is Oklahoma City University... the private, methodist, liberal arts university on 23rd street. The school with all the dancers, theater majors, and a few good pageant girls.. plus the awesome law and business schools! :biggrin:

    UCO is University of Oklahoma - the large public university in Edmond on 2nd street I believe.(probably the one you're thinking of!)

    OC is Oklahoma Christian University - the other small private school... also in Edmond, on Memorial

    And we all know what OU and OSU stand for :p
  6. Thanks guys for posting!

    How about...

    Price for tank of gas?
    Average electric bill?
    Are people friendly? Will they be weird to me because I'm originally from Boston?
    Are people super conservative?
    Is Oklahoma City unsafe?

    ****Is there any regulations for PIT BULLLS????***

    Any info is soooooooo appreciated!

    Thanks guys!
  7. What's SES?
  8. What's unsafe about the surronding area????
  9. OKC in general is very safe.
    The people are very friendly and it might freak you out! LOL!
    I've been in TX so long, it makes me nuts to drive there, they drive slow there IMO!:lol:
    Cost of living is very good, someone can give today's gas prices but it's probably somewhere around $2.75-$2.85/gallon.
    No, people aren't super conservative IMO.
    But if you've never been to this part of the USA, I should tell you there's a church about every block or 2 in these parts! :yes:
  10. Thanks Swanky! You made me feel better! =)
  11. Oh, sorry if I freaked you out!
    OKC is very safe and a great place to live! Like Swanky said, the cost of living is great... you'll find that housing is so much more affordable here than in New England :smile:
    OCU is a beautiful and SAFE campus, everyone is so friendly. Some consider some of the surrounding area of OCU (aka, 23rd street) to be run down, in comparison to other areas of Oklahoma City. Regardless of that, it is pretty safe and we all love living in and around campus.

    Oh, and the last time I filled up on gas (last week), it was 2.72!

    Are you still house shopping? How are things going??
  12. Oh, and people aren't overly conservative here. Especially at OCU... its probably the most liberal school in the state.
  13. OMG!!!

    Are you going to be a 1L starting fall or are u transferring over?????

    I'm 1L doing the jd/mba program!!! Be prepared for small town living...thats all i can say!! :smile: I'm origianally from phoenix, az so it was a HUGE adjustment for me, but its ok now! People are generally nice, most places are say if you are going to get an apt check out the's MUCH nicer and rents super cheap (under 600!!)

    pm me if u need any other info!! :smile:
  14. Thanks SOOOO much! I appreciate EVERYTHING!
    House hunting is abit up in the air at the moment. We had a realtor & were planning on flying out to look @ some houses BUT DH had a GOOD point:

    Who is going to mow the lawn, wait for the cable guy to come, etc, etc, etc. I am a very able person & can certainly mow the lawn BUT am I going to have TIME for that in my first year of law school???

    Plus its scary covering 2 mortgages, 2 electric bils, etc, etc!

    Than there are dorms! EEK! I CANNOT live w/ others. Just can't do it. You can do a single room w/ private bathroom BUT they make you buy a meal plan & its like $5700 for one semester & what happens if DH moves out in October??? He can't live their w/ me & plus we have 4 animals!

    So, you know what I am doing??? I am going to stay at a hotel! Its got a minin fridge, microwave, 2 burner stove & its $200 a week! I can leave when ever DH comes out & won't lose ANY money!

    Its a hotel OCU recommended & I have spoken w/ them several times & they have a bunch of pics on the web!

  15. we'll need to plan an OKC get together soon!
    I'm 3 hours away, but visit my sister in Edmond pretty often.
    You may have to drive 3 hours down to Dallas to shop though:yes:
    Or visit Tulsa for a weekend w/ DH, Tulsa is actually pretty great for a small "big city".