Any off 5th Saks coupons via Email this week??

  1. I got a 30% coupon via mail days ago.

    But so far they have not sent me the email version yet.

    Anyone who received it via email? :confused1::confused1:
  2. May I ask how did they get you guys' e-mail?
  3. id love to get in on the email do i sign up for off fifth coupons?
  4. I used my one from the mail but they usually send one in an email and i didn't get one this time
  5. oh yeah, when you go to a off Saks they have a box in the front to put your name and email to receive coupons
  6. Thanks for posting the email link!
  7. I didn't get one via email either.. I always get both.. BOO.. wonder why no one got the email version this time
  8. This link showed up for me as a link to sign up for the coupons.

    Does anyone have a link for a printable coupon? I'm going to off 5th today!

    Thanks!!! :smile:
  9. I just received a email for "Spend some, Get Some" 1 day only

    *Offer valid July 21, 2007. Gift Cards may be used only to purchase merchandise and services sold in Off 5th Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet. Not valid on previous purchases or for Gift Card purchases. Gift Cards awarded for a merchandise purchase become void upon the return of the purchased merchandise. Off 5th reserves the right to adjust the original merchandise transaction (including by debiting your account) or any Gift Card not surrendered with the associated merchandise return. Gift Card value cannot be applied toward merchandise in the qualifying transaction. Additional restrictions apply. See back of Gift Card for details. Associates of Off 5th Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet and Saks Fifth Avenue are not eligible. If you would prefer not to receive email updates from Off 5th Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet or if you would like to change your email preferences, simply click here.
    Off 5th.jpg
  10. My coupon just came in the mail today. So check your mail.
  11. I got my coupon in the mail today too. No email though.
  12. I'm out of town right now, thats why I needed a printable coupon. But I have called home and I have not received any coupons by mail either. I have signed up on every site and in store, and I still don't get sent anything but regular emails! Frustrating.....

  13. I don't think you'll need coupon for this promo. But in case you do,here's the link to it:Spend$Get$
  14. Does anyone know how do i sign up for the coupons and promotions for off 5th saks.. Thanks