Any of you use them lil' pouches as a handbag?


    I really think this is a cute style...But does anyone here use them as a small handbag? Not seeing it in person has me not really picturing the actual size...The larger version of this bag is just "to" big for me to feel comfortable with it...
  2. i haev a gold sig one. i use it as a little evening bag for goign out to dinner or a party or whatever. it doesnt go over the shoulder. i can fit my wallet (sig clutch), louis mono clés, phone, pills and lipstick in there.
  3. I have seen similar coach pouches (same shape but different style) in person and would definitly use it as a purse. I dont own any but find them to be cute. The ones I saw however were on the small end. Sometimes I see the pouches listed on eBay as makeup bags.
  4. i have that in the satin blue scarf-print style. it's really pretty and cute to have. but it doesn't fit all my stuff. so i take it out for short outings on the weekends or at night. but definitely not an everyday purse that i take to work type of thing.
  5. They're cute, and I thought I wanted one as my first Coach bag...but I just ended up taking the plunge and getting something more expensive that I would use everyday.

    They're a bit small for my an everyday bag, at least!
  6. I got a black and gray signature pouch at Bloomies on sale from $128.00 to $30.00. I could not help but grab it. I wear it with white skirts, black skirts, black or white pants and flip flops, white or black tees and black shoes or black flip flops or gray. It looks adorable for evening. !!!
  7. I have one that I use for the gym.
  8. it seems a little small for an everyday bag
  9. ^^ ITA...very cute but too small for everyday, IMO!
  10. Yes I do and I love these smaller bags!!
  11. If you want to hold it on your arm or in your hand then its fine. I tried to use it as a handbag and put it under my arm, but its shaped weird for that and really uncomfortable because of the square bottom.
  12. It's a great idea to use those small pouches as handbags. It's the perfect size to hold my essentials when going to a wedding, party, or dinner. I especially like the signature ones.
  13. I was thinking about buying one for a mini purse also. I want to use it for the gym to put my keys, phone and ipod in and also use it for days at the mall when I just need my keys/phone and a mini skinny. :smile: