Any of you LV owners know how the canvas holds up in snow?

  1. Hi all LV owners,
    I have yet to buy an LV, but contemplating it because of how the vachetta and canvas would wear in the rain/snow... I live in a really snowy state, so I'm scared that my LV would get ruined (even though I wouldn't have to walk far to my car etc), but just the cold weather in general, etc. Thinking about getting a Neverfull or a Delightfull... Do any of you girls/guys have any advice or live in a rainy/snowy state? How has your bag held in different conditions? TIA! :smile:
  2. Are you dead set on monogram or azur?
    If you purchase a bag in DE its pretty resilient to the rain and snow.
    Ive worn my DE speedy in the pouring rain and its held up quite well :smile:
  3. I have lived in snowy states the past few years, and my general rule is - I will wear LV bags that have vachetta leather if there is snow on the ground, but not if it is actually coming down. If that makes sense...

    I primarily have used my Tivoli GM & Palermo PM the past few winters - here are two videos where I specifically talked about using them, how they held up, and using them during the winter... Hopefully they may help you make your decision?

    Oh, and if it is actually snowing, I opt for a different style bag - either one of my more durable basic Coach leather bags, Damier Ebene when I owned bags in that pattern... and for this year, I'm actually thinking of picking up a Longchamp tote specifically for use in inclement weather. (And for traveling.) Hope that helps! :biggrin:
  4. In my personal opinion and as Bags4Bubbles stated I would carry my mono bags if the snow was already on the ground but not falling. I think they can withstand the "cold" pretty well. Now if it was snowing I would either carry DE or EPI for complete weatherability (is that a word? LOL).
  5. Maybe get a Neverfull in DE for winter. I usually do not take my mono purses out in snow or rain. I had my Verona MM out in the rain in Chicago and tried right off, no problems!
  6. Thanks all for your responses, I think I'm going to go into the LV store and try some more on...
  7. I never take any of my LV's out in the elements..if I can help it like my Chanel.. The only LV that I feel can stand the elements if I need to take it out would be my Lavender Bedford Vernis but that's a summer/spring bag..
  8. I'm in Canada - canvas holds up great, no damage whatsoever. Vachetta no, no, no - I see so much nasty vachetta I'd never buy a mono bag even though I love mono. I wish they would make mono with the lovely milk chocolate coloured treated leather they use on ebene. Or graphite in women's styles.
  9. I live in Chicago and carry DE in the winter and on rainy days. I have carried mono in snow and rain and it was fine. I just prefer not to do it regularly.