Any of you ladies live near San Antonio Texas?

  1. I just checked my mail and recieved and invitation from my SA at Louis Vuitton La Cantera to check out the Icon Collection. It states that a guest is welcomed.

    All my LV buddies live in California :crybaby:.. So if you live in Austin and would like to check it out that would be cool.. or if you live in San Antonio we could meet up at the store. Its on Thursday, October 12, 2006 from 6pm to 8pm.

    PM me if you would like to go...I have to RSVP
  2. Aw man!! I live in San Antonio and would love to go but I can't.:sad: I'm house-sitting this week and the home-owner is coming home that night. If I want to get paid, I need to be here waiting for her to get home. :P

    Have a great time! The event is in NM, right? La Cantera is a nice shopping center. Let us know what happens!!
  3. I live in San Antonio and a BIG fan of LV. If the invitation is still open I’d love meet you at NM. Do they have a reception with light refreshments or is it more of an open house?
  4. This is a 12 year old thread...
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  6. ;)