Any of you ladies care to take a look at my cute puffer fish?

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  1. #1 Jul 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2009
    Hey everyone!

    So I know the Animalicious forum is dedicated primarily to cats and dogs. Unfortunately, I can't have either right now because 1. I'm allergic to cats, and 2. Not knowing where I will be going to law school and living for the next 3-4 years is not a good time to have a dog.

    Until then, I've been keeping fish! I have a total of 4 fish and two 3 gallon tanks. One 3 gallon tank houses my male Betta Vulcan. And the other tank houses three dwarf puffer fish -Tiger, Yellow Tail and Barnaby.

    The dwarf puffers are my favorite because they're so darn cute! They have big beady eyes, and when they eat their stomachs swell up and they look really fat. They also grow only to one half an inch long as adults. Yes, they're tiny!! I just got new plants for their tank! Care to see?




    Sorry about the blurry photos of the fish. They are super fast and camera shy. I was lucky to even get all three of them in the same shot.

    Does anybody else keep fish? I love seeing other people's tank's setups. And especially salt water tanks! I would love to get a nano salt water tank with a tiny clown fish, but salt water tanks are so expensive and hard to maintain. If you have fish of your own, please post pictures of your tank!!
  2. Thank you frenchtoast!! Are you planning to get more fish for your tank? You can fit at least 2 more fish in there!
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    I lurve fish! I have 3 tanks right now, all freshwater...they're very addictive!

    Puffers are so cute! What do you feed them? I hear they love snails...and I have quite a snail problem!

    Here's a 3 gallon I had set up a little while it has one female betta in it.

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  4. boomie I love your tank!! Are those tetras in that picture?? It looks like your plants are growing very nicely! What do your other tanks house?

    Yes my puffers do eat snails! I feed them one or two every month as a treat. There will definitely be no snail problem ever in my tank!! lol

    If you have a snail problem you can get a puffer fish and have them eradicate your snails. The thing is, most puffer fish are very aggressive (including mine, and apparently they are the most aggressive puffer fish) and only do well in species only tanks. If you want you can get a Peruvian Puffer fish because they are more docile and peaceful and people have said they do okay in community tanks by themselves.
  5. Thank you! I had white cloud mountain minnows in there at one time, now those guys are in a 10 gallon cherry shrimp tank :smile: I also have my pride and joy, a 55 gallon community tank. In it's prime, it looked like this:


    I haven't taken any recent pics, but it looks a bit overgrown now!

    I was thinking of maybe getting puffers for the 6 gallon bookshelf tank I just received...bummer they're so aggressive though. I like your set-up, it reminds me of those Japanese tanks! So serene.
  6. ^^
    OMG that looks amazing!! How long did it take for your plants to grow like that?? What do you have in there? I see a neon tetra, guppies (?) and I think a gourami. How long do you leave the light on for your plants? I'm assuming you also give them plant food right?

    My pea puffers are very aggressive, but the Peruvian/Amazon puffers should be okay!

    I used to put ghost shrimp in my pea puffer tank to clean up the left over food the puffers don't eat, but the puffers will eventually eat them so I don't put shrimp in there anymore :sad:.
  7. It didn't take long, maybe a couple of months for the plants to overtake that tank! There is some plant food in the gravel...those little pellets you stick down in there. I keep the light on 8 hrs a day. Right now, the tank is very overgrown and has algae :sad: Not a pretty sight. I'm going to thin it out some and get some new plants in there. I currently have some pearl gouramis, 2 angels, black neons, cardinals (very similar to neons) and some congo tetras.

    Hmmm...I think I need some puffers :smile: I always thought they were cute.
  8. i feel very dumb asking this, but you said you would like a salt water tank so that does mean your puffers are fresh water?:thinking: my cousin had a puffer at one point but it was in salt water. i didn't know there were fresh water varieties (unless I read your post wrong and they are actually salt water, lol)

    if so, are they hard to come across? i'm in the same situation as you, allergic to cat dander and in my second year of college in a TEEEENY apartment so a dog is out of the question! i have a fish tank but everything has died :sad: i would love 2 or so puffers for it though!

    sorry for the long post and questions! just very curious :smile:
  9. ^^
    No problem! Keeping fish is no simple matter as there is a lot of preparation that goes into the start of the tank (cycling) and the maintenance of the tank.

    My pea puffers are pure freshwater fish. I only said I wanted a salt water tank because I've always loved salt water tanks, but they are quite expensive and hard to maintain. There isn't a specific "tank" for salt water (although many people keep nano salt water tanks, which is a specific type of tank), a tank is salt water if it has salt water in it and freshwater if it has freshwater -lol.

    There are at least 3 different freshwater puffer fish. The first being the ones I have: Dwarf puffers also known as pea puffers. They are the smallest and most aggressive. You need to keep them in a species only tank as they will take down other fish in the tank. The second are Peruvian/Amazon puffers, more docile and do fine in most community tanks. And the third is the Giant puffer fish aka Mbu puffer fish. I don't recommend the last two for you as they need bigger tanks. I would go with 2-3 pea puffers in a 3 or 5 gallon tank for your situation!

    If you are planning to get puffer fish, do not confuse freshwater with brackish water (half salt half fresh water). They are completely different. Green spotted puffer fish are brackish water fish NOT freshwater like many sites falsely claim them to be.

    Most puffer fish are sold in specialty fish stores. I have yet to see them at commercial stores like petsmart and petco. Search for a local fish store and when you have the time, you should go and check out their selection!
  10. Thanks! I've had an aquarium all my life, and got one when I moved to college but when I came home for longer periods of time since it's summer, the 2 or 3 fish I had didn't exactly live. But when I move back in a few weeks for school I am definitely going to do some research on these! One more question--compared to say, a goldfish or a molly or other common-fairly-low-maintenance fish (lol) are your puffers higher maintenance or about the same? Specifically with eating habits and if they would be ok over a weekend (only Friday afternoon-Sunday night) because I will make trips home every few weekends. Again, sorry for the questions lol but you've caught my interest with tiny puffers!
  11. Hmm..I think pea puffers and just puffer fish in general are higher maintenance. They are super picky eaters, and they will only eat blood worms or live worms. I can't stand live worms, so I feed mine frozen blood worms which are already dead (Hikari is the best brand IMO, my fish only eats worms from that brand).

    I've gone without feeding my puffer fish a day or two, but then they get cranky and the dominant male starts attacking my other male. I have a not so ideal female to male ratio (two males and one female, the ideal is 2 females to one male). It was hard determining the sex of the fish since when I got them they were still juveniles. If you feed your fish before you go home and right when you come back home on Sunday, you should be fine! It really depends on your fish though because every fish has their own personality. Try to get the 2 to 1 female to male ratio if you can!

    If you want a SUPER low maintenance fish, I highly recommend getting a betta!
  12. Cute puffer fish!
  13. I love your puffers!
  14. Nice photos--it's probably hard to get them to pose for the camera lol.