Any of you ladies a Nanny like Me!?!

  1. Just wondering if there are any other Nannies out there who work hard for their purses like I do:p I would love to hear/share stories:nuts:
  2. Sadness....I must be the only nanny with a shopping problem:shocked:
  3. Would be better if you had a boss that gave you her hand me down designer purses....
  4. I used to be a nanny! :smile:
  5. A friend of mine is a nanny, she's not as into bags as me though!
  6. I may be wrong, but I believe Megs is a nanny too. My two aunts are nannies, and I know you guys work REALLY hard! There should be a national nanny appreciation day :smile:
  7. huh Megs is a nanny:confused1:
  8. I used to be for a family that had four children. wow now that was a learning experience, I lasted for 3 yrs.
  9. I nanny for 3, and I just got married this past Oct. I am 28 and my DH will be 31 this June and I think he is getting a baby bug. I how ever feel like a single mother during the week!! I actually have been a pre-school teacher for the past 12 years, and thought this would be a nice break. I do really miss class room....that is where I really belong. However, the money being a nanny is really good:nuts:
  10. You are AWESOME....thanks for saying such nice things:flowers:
  11. Megs is a nanny to 100,000 children, errrrm...very mature and stylish people.
  12. I WISH....except for the fact that she does not carry one!! She has a work tote and that is it. She does however have a baby girl who will turn 1 this May....I bought her her first purse!! I was at Target and they had little hand knit not pratical but how could I pass that up!! We also look through Lucky and Instyle together:p
  13. haha that very true, she looks over us and makes sure we dont get up to too much mischief :supacool:
  14. I had a nanny, does that count? LOL
  15. I love to give purses to my BFF's daughter. I only have a (future) SS, alas, but he thinks it's funny to grab my purse and prance to the door wearing it when we come home after school. "Does this bag make me look fat?", he says. He's such a funny monkey! :p I was his nanny before I decided to marry his dad! :graucho: