Any of you in Starbucks in Park Slope today?

  1. I am sure the answer is no-but, have to ask.

    There was a woman in my local Starbucks today who was carrying a black leather Coach tote with a patchwork wristlet hanging off of it and then she had a unch of Coach key rings hanging off of it also. It looked really nice and she was obviously into her bag. Just thought I would check. :biggrin:
  2. No!! but I was there last weekend!!!!!!!! I love Park Slope and Williamsburg!!
  3. WHAT?? You were in Park Slope? Oh man Megs-you should have looked me up!! What were you doing here? Where did you go?
  4. LOL, I was in that Starbucks yesterday, after my acupuncture. I always follow it up with an unsweetended passion tea...ahhhh.
  5. Wow-you too?

    OK-now I am going to have to start stalking that Starbucks more looking for Megs and manolo maven:nuts: