Any of you in long distance relationships?

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  1. Because they are awful. Vlad is finishing up his super-smart-computer work (seriously, it's some ridiculous Computer Science Engineering and Media Informatics) over in Bonn, Germany while I am still here in the states. We just got to vacation for 2 months stright together (I was there for one month and he was here for one month), and about 1 hour ago I just got back from taking him to the airport. It is always awful to say goodbye. This stretch is about 6 weeks - he plans on coming back for about a week in November. Then we will see eachother again for New Year's, and then in early March he will be back here to work on his 300 page Thesis. I'm just looking forward to March, but all of this is so hard. Any of you in similar situations- or have ever been? :sad2:
  2. Sorry Megs, I can't say that I have been in a long distance relationship. I can't even imagine what it's like.:sad: Don't be sad, thought, be happy. Time will fly and you'll see him before you know it.
  3. I have never been in a long distance relationship either and I couldnt imagine being in one either. Dont worry Megs you will get through it.
  4. Thank goodness I'm not in one. I know there's so much stress to a long distance relationship. I can only imagine how you truely feel sometimes...But you know, if your really in love then it'll last as long as both of you work it out. :smile:
  5. Hey Megs, I know exactly how that feels, my husband is from Belgium and I'm in Texas, we met over the internet and after his first visit which lasted about 3 months, he had to go back for 2 months and I must say, that was the hardest 2 months we had to go through. We were married about a month after he returned the 2nd time and that was almost 9 years ago. :o)
  6. I was just in a long distance relationship that sounds very similar. My X was also finishing graduate school an ocean away (I'm in HI and he is in FL). I took a semester off to live with him and left in November to come back home. We were supposed to see each other in March on my way to Europe but he couldn't get off of school. He was stressing out a lot about school and couldn't handle the distance anymore so we broke up.

    Not to say that you will, you and Vlad seem to have a very strong relationship :biggrin: My X just caved under the pressure and I suppose thats an indication that he didn't want it enough. It sucks a LOT but I believe if two people make the effort it can and WILL work. Good luck you two!
  7. Thanks girls! Vlad and I are in a very strong relationship (we've been doing the ditance thing for a little over a year now). It doesn't get easier with time, but I am just so excited that he will be coming back to the states in March. He and I met and we just clicked. I knew right then he was the one for me! I know, corny, but true. So I am sad when he goes, but I love counting down the days until I will see him again :smile:
  8. ^^^Thats the spirit! :biggrin:
  9. As long as u have telephones, email, and the net , yall should be ok :smile:

    I myself have not been in a long distance relationship, I have trouble enough that i live on one side of town and my bf live alllll the way on the other side lol
  10. I am sorry to hear about that you are in a long distance relationship. I had been there twice. The first time for about 4 years (Europe & US) and promised myself not to allow this to happen again. But I was again stuck in a long distance relationship for a year (Europe & Canada) this time, only a year because I basically said I would not do it again. And that one year was planning for our wedding and our life together. I know how you feel and since I have experienced it, I always say I do not wish it upon anyone. But now that you are apart, be patient with one another. Sometimes because of the frustration, it's very easy to loose sight and argue about tiny little insignificant things, so just be patient. And be creative:embarasse , I mean on the phone, on the net, to maintain the relationship :love:. Last but not least, do your best to keep each other in your every day life, so you don't drift apart. Good luck.

  11. Hey Megs, I hope you are holding up well without Vlad.

    I too am in a long distance relationship and it has been very difficult over the years. I mean, the Rafe store is all the way in New York and I'm stuck in California. It just kills me that it is so far away, but I just try to be strong and I know that is only a phone call or internet connection away.
  12. hehe awwww, I'm sure thats really hard Chemlex ;)
  13. well that's it for me no more long distance relationships.. or atleast i hope.. I've had 2 really long ones and neither seemed to work out. the first one lasted 3 1/2 years and the second 5years. With my last relationship i had went to paris met this awesome guy through a friend. On our first date we both knew we were the one for each other. For 3 years all was good, then after his effort level droped because he was tired of us not being in the same place sharing the same moments. Plus he really wants to settle down and start a family. I was holding out because i would have to pack up my life and move to another country, not that big of a deal, but he hadnt asked me to marry him and he wanted to start a family and i'm just so against that part of the French culture where the men have you like a handbag for years, present you to everyone as their wife but never really honor you as such. In the last 2 years we broke up a few times. it was so hard to really call it quits. Now we are OFF again. I was told from a friend that he is going crazy without me and seems to be thinking about coming to NY to ask me to marry him.. im not going to hold my breath.. but i'll cross my fingers

  14. I hope he can figure it out-- for your sake too! Long distance i snot easy at all, it actually is awful. But if he doesn't put in enough time and effort and commitment as you do, then it is not worth it!

    Vlad and I alre almost done being apart, and I wouldn't mind moving to Europe, but he wants to be in the states! Go figure!

    Chemlex-- I hope you are doing well without Rafe!! :toung:
  15. well i hope it goes alot better for you and your babe than it did for me and mine. you are very right about the equal effort and commitment!!! Like my mom always say 'one hand can't clap'.