Any of you guys share bags with your mother/daughter?

  1. I'm 20 and my mom is 47 going on 30. We share all our clothes, shoes, and bags. I'm actually at college away from home but we consult whenever we shop, especially with big purchases. She isn't high-tech, otherwise I'm sure she would be a PFer like me! Anyway, I'm in Palo Alto and my family is in Los Angeles and I fly home around once a month. We switch bags whenever I go home. It's really an awesome system. It's sad though too. I had to say goodbye to my MJ Trish to bring up her Paddington (my MJ just because I worked and bought it. Her Paddington because...I don't know, we have uneven splits sometimes) :crybaby: Anyway, long post. Wondering if any of you guys have similar relationships with your moms and daughters. It's 2X the value for everything :yes:
  2. I don't share with my mom or sisters but I do let them borrow. I sometimes give them what I no longer want....

    In general, none of us have the same style so sharing really wouldn't work.
  3. I'm currently living with my mom saving up for a condo and my mom has taken this opportunitiy to take FULL advantage of my closet! She is not a purse person and always borrows something. Sometimes when we're shopping we'll rationalize purchases because we can share them... She can borrow more of my stuff than I can of hers, and unfortunately we're not the same shoe size... because that is one place she has me beat. I don't mind her borrowing my stuff because I know she'll take good care of it.
  4. Nah. My mom's continents away. If she was here, there'd be more bags. She has wild taste in fashion.
  5. My mom is a bit of a hippy and doesn't care about fashionable handbags or jewelry. She does like to macrame, though. My sister is too picky and OCD (she fears germs to the nth degree) to share her bags with anyone, especially her Chanels.
  6. I've only borrowed on of my mum's Burberry bags once. And she has never borrowed anything from me. So we kinda don't. Though she has actually given me two of her older handbags that she never uses anymore so they're basically mine now.
  7. I admire my Mom's style but we have very different coloring, body types and wardrobe choices. What works on her doesn't always work on me and vice versa. We just appreciate eachother's tastes and that's about as far as we can go!
  8. no, I don't share my bag with anybody.. my mom is dead and I have no kid to share it with.. hehe
  9. when i was still living back in Malaysia, i would borrow my mom's bags, because i didn't have the expensive-bag mentality yet :lol:. i guess in a way we shared bags, and she let me use whichever i wanted, but never failed to warn me not to ruin them :P
  10. I don't share anything that expensive with anyone.
  11. My Mum and I allow each other to borrow anything (perfume, clothes, necklaces etc) but most of the time I don't bother as I prefer my own stuff. I told my Mum she's welcome to use my bags but she doesn't want to as she's affraid she'll spoil them, bless.
  12. My mother lives in Georgia and is not into handbags. I gave her my Chloe Silverado a few months ago and she loves it.

    My sister lives 12 miles from me and occassionally borrows some of my bags. I just got my 05-rouge theatre B-bag back from her last week...and earlier this year, she carried my Chloe Edith for several months.
  13. Definitely!!! My mom is the whole reason I got started on bags, so let's just say I "borrow" from her a lot more than she from me!! :rolleyes: However, I just started to branch out on my own (bc her style is sometimes...eccentric, to say the least!) It's a win-win situation (for me, anyway!) bc now I can put my $$ towards my b-bag while still dipping in to her LV treasure chest!:cutesy:
  14. hehe well I usually just take from my mum and shes not in to the same things as me! :smile:
  15. I sometimes give my mom bags and accessories I am no longer using. We can really share clothes, because she is a lot thinner than I am.