any of you gals have a leather devil bag (?)

  1. i've found one & am hoping to learn a little more about it (year it was produced, type of leather, functionality, size, etc.)...i've only ever seen it in photos & it looks gorgey!!! :party:
  2. I dont know anything about it but you are right. Beautiful!
  3. Ooo.... Where did you find it? Cos it's so hard to find any on eBay cos they are mostly fake. I can't remember what year it came out in (2004,5?) but it is a stunning bag!
  4. ^^ i was lucky enough to find it on a highly reputable online consignment shop...i'll be paying for it today & will let you know when it sounds like such a rare, beautiful & mysterious bag...i'd love to know if anyone else here has one & can shed some light on it :cutesy:
  5. This is my first time seeing this Fendi, but the leather looks so buttery smooth!