Any of us adding MacBook Air's to our Hermes?

  1. I am! I am excited to have it nicely in my Hermes. Such style!
  2. sorry I dont know this book can you tell us more
  3. I am too!! :smile: Are you getting the standard or SSD version? I'm still undecided...
  4. ^^^ It's the latest yummy version of the Macbook. I have the Pro... seriously thinking of getting the Air.
  5. post action pics!
  6. Is this the new super thin Mac book that was recently announced? Pure heaven if it is.
  7. Yes, the new Apple laptop. It's going to fit so well with all of our Hermes!

    I am undecided too on HDD or SSD. I probably wont decide till I walk into the store lol.
  8. I have the Sony ultra portable with the 11 inch screen and about an inch thick. Weighs a couple of pounds and fits beautifully in my 35 cm and in a ton of other bags too.... and words very well. So if you're not Mac based, it's also a good option...
  9. I love the look of the Mac Air, but my step daughter, has a Mac and I just cant get used to it.
    My laptop died on me just recently, so I have to keep borrowing DHs or DSs.
    I am still wondering what one to get!!
    I need one quick, just so I can get on the PF when I want.

  10. Atleast it's a Mac!
  11. You could always use Windows too on the MacBook Air till you get used to Mac. I actually enjoy its simplicity over Windows. Its strange at first because we all know Windows, but it quickly becomes awesome! The Air is sure to turn heads with the Hermes!
  12. It's not just a mac, it's a super mac, look at the specifics...mine is the most powerful version with the all plus things. It's a rocket!:graucho:

  13. Yup I know that one. The MacBook Air though is too cute for words! and so little.
  14. Dh showed it to me the other day. It's so neat!! :love:

    Hwvr, my trusty MacBook Pro is just fine though...

    ...for now.:graucho: