any of the red leather coach items

  1. such as the carly bag....

    im debating whether to get red or black....i have so much black, so I was thinking of red, but I don't know if it gets marked up easily, look more used than the black one quicker
  2. I have lots of red bags, several of them Coach. I don't find that my red bags get marked up at all. A couple of mine are several years old and still look like new. Everyone needs a little pop of red to brighten things up...go for it!!:tup:
  3. red leather carly is adorable! If you wear a lot of black it would be super fun to change it up with red!!!
  4. I love my large red leather Carly! Only problem is that because it's so slouchy my cell phone doesn't stay in the pocket when I set my bag down so I either have to always be searching for my phone or use the zipper pocket.

    It holds so much stuff!

    I almost bought the black but couldn't walk away from the red. Glad I didn't!!!
  5. Get the red Carly! It just makes ya "feel good" when you carry it around. And the Carly leather holds up really well, doesn't mark up at all.