Any oddball collections?

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  1. I collect Starbucks mugs!
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  2. I collect books from the Victorian or Edwardian era telling women how to behave and even better if it gives crappy information on reproductive matters. :biggrin:
  3. Sweet. I am a fan of mugs... I have 4 from Sbux (including Ohio & AZ from the "You Are Here" collection), but I'm not a collector per se bc I like to use my mugs - and already have too many!
    I also have 2 Beatles mugs from Half Price Books :smile:
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  4. Heh that reminds me.. I love looking at old ads online. Like "how to gain weight" (post depression era), ads for smoking, and women in the kitchen. Sooo different than ads now xD
  5. I collect vintage Nancy Drew books, and my family collects fridge magnets. Apparently the fridge magnet thing is weird?
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  6. Oh there are so many insanely misogynistic ads from the 50s-70s it’s nuts.
  7. same!
  8. Pullip dolls!
  9. Rubber duckies - not an uncommon one. But there are AMAZING rubber ducks out there. My favorite is my Devo Duck, I think.

    And hotel key cards, because they remind me of each trip.
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  10. I collect compact mirrors—especially from broadway shows :smile:
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  11. Bella hadid collects rubber ducks too :P
  12. Starbucks mugs are great because if you buy the city ones they are different everywhere!
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  13. #58 Jan 12, 2019
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    Couldn’t find this thread until I did a search:biggrin:

    Ok. Here’s my Beatles autograph wall :biggrin: They are all genuine. Paid a pretty penny but worth it to me. All are authenticated, except of course the autographs where I met Paul and Ringo at signings in NYC. The only autograph not shown is a George Harrison hand-signed lithograph of “Piggies”. It’s hanging in my dining room in the next picture. :lol:



    The jacket shown in the first picture is a jacket Paul wore during one of his US tours 17 years ago.
    I won it from Bette Midler’s “Halluween” auction held at the Waldorf Astoria for the New York Restoration Project about 15 years ago ago.:smile:

    I have 2 John, 7 Paul, 5 George and 8 Ringo autographs. I also have an autograph from Yoko Ono after wring to her, along with Beatles music Producer Sir George Martin after writing to him.
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  14. Wow, this Beatles collection is incredible! It must be like stepping into a time machine! I collect vintage kimonos, obi and haori (kimono overcoats). I am a bit disturbed when I see obi sold on eBay as a "table runner". The poor thing would really run from that table if it could... I have recently stopped as I literally have no where left to store them properly. My most beautiful kimono is a light cream coloured silk one with hand drawn tea house design made with ink. It is extremely difficult to draw with ink on a slippery material like silk. It is extremely rare and the technique is not used anymore as the thing would be too expensive. I got it for less than 100$ from Kyoto. I met a lovely lady with a vintage kimono store there that soursed incredible things for me.
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  15. Is it!? I love picking up a fridge magnet from wherever I travel. Started it a few years ago, and it’s a collection of memories :smile:

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