Any oddball collections?

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  1. Thank you, JPGal. I have let go of all my elderly appliances except the GE Monitor Top, which is being displayed in a less than glam space at the moment. :smile:

    I was a Beatlemaniac at the exact right time, as you probably were.
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  2. Well since you guys bent my arm lmfao :biggrin::lol:
    Here’s another section.

    Now I just have one more section to show and then I’m done.
    I still haven’t finished my room. Running out of space to hang stuff. Maybe I should ask my DH to add a wall in the middle of the room. Lmfao :lol:
  3. Well at least you still have that monitor. ;)
    I just recently threw out a monitor top, but it was from the 90s. Not old enough to collect. Come to think of it, maybe I should’ve kept it lol. :lol:

    I’ve been collecting Beatles memorabilia for 25 years now; however I do have many collectibles from the 60s in my collection. ;)
  4. :biggrin:
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  5. How ignorant that person must’ve been!

    Have you ever gone to comic-con? I’m sure you would have a blast. :smile:
  6. Never really meshed with my schedule.

    As for the guy who asked, I found it a bit odd that he automatically thought dominatrix when he sees a woman in leather with a cat eye mask.... I mean maybe there are similarities with the look, but seriously, who doesn't know Cat Woman?
  7. Hands down, your collection is the single best thing I've ever seen on TPF. Brava!

    In this vein, I do have the famous Look Magazine Avedon b/w Beatles poster, which I had Avedon autograph. (And the Dylan poster by Milton Glaser, signed by Glaser.)
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  8. Thank you! :smile:
    I still have Beatles’ autographs I haven’t shown.

    Oh my!! I don’t have the Beatles on the cover of Look; only Life. Wow. That’s great you have that; and yet a poster with Avedon’s autograph! Good for you! Oh and Dylan’s poster! I love Bob Dylan.
    So happy he got together with George Harrison.
    That’s awesome!
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  9. Whuttt! Amazing.
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  10. :biggrin:
    I’m rearranging that wall. Should be able to post it soon.
  11. I sure hope you saw Sir Paul McCartney's carpool karaoke...
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  12. I sure did!! Sir Paul is an amazing guy! That was awesome what he did! It was really fun to watch. :smile:
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  13. Wow, I love your collection! I have seen you in other threads and was wondering if your name was a Beatles reference :smile: I used to be a huge fan when I was in middle and high school.. I had a small collection and even got my picture in the paper for it! I would love to have some autographs but would have no idea where to find authentic ones
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  14. Hi. Thank you. I’ve been collecting for over 25 years.

    Wow. That’s great about being in the paper! :smile:

    I love John and Paul; hence johnpauliegal lol. I had this user name on another site when I was checking out Ebay stuff which directed me to this forum. If I realized it was a purse forum I would’ve changed my name lol. :biggrin:

    I met Paul at 2 signings (Book & CD/DVD) in NYC; along with Ringo at a CD singing also in NYC. Besides meeting them, I also got their autographs. :smile:

    Many of my autographs were obtained from legitimate auction houses; one being RRAuction. All of my autographs have been authenticated by either Perry Cox or Frank Caiazzo.

    I love collecting Beatles memorabilia. :smile:
  15. Oh, okay ;) I always liked Paul and Ringo.
    Wow, that is so cool! I live in Ohio.. so probably little chance of them coming by except for concerts. Then again, I don't exactly follow them!
    Thanks for sharing that info :smile:
    I really enjoy seeing their stuff at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I saw the special John Lennon exhibit many years ago.
    It's fun when their stuff comes up on Jeopardy.. I swamp my fiance haha
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