any NYTimes subscribers?

  1. in the sunday styles section, isn't that a jumbo hermes bag on the top row (4th from the right) of cunningham's piece? i'll try to scan it... hang on.
  2. Forth from the right top row ? Yes I think it is, but I can't think of it's name at the moment....
  3. i've seen it much smaller. can't think of the name either...
  4. Christine
  5. thank you!!!

    looks very cool in this steroid-induced size!
  6. Wow...white is the color? What happened to black in NYC?
    They are both very chic! Thanks HH!
  7. LH, a lot of designers are doing winter white right now. And the weather in NYC has been nice so I guess people are doing the winter white right now before it starts to snow.
  8. ^^ fun! MI weather has been really nice too!
  9. Beautiful bag... love all the white too
  10. that's why i thought it was ridiculous that shopmom had that comment from the SA about what scarf she can wear when. seasonal things are getting a bit blurry with all this global warming. lol
    i think for quite a while winter white has been the sign of ultimate luxe, decadence, etc. heck, white any time of year is high maintenance.

    what size is that christine bag there?
  11. I love that Christine bag too HH!!
  12. that size especially gets my attention. maybe (after my bolide) when i'm 60. that might be very cool.
  13. Whoa!!!!! And I was worried about wearing a white scarf????? I'm LOVING all the white.......wish I could wear some without doing damage to it within the first five seconds out in the street!!!!
  14. I always scan his photos looking for snippets of H bags...! Missed this one,though...