Any non-leather bags?

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  1. I would love to get a Coach wristlet or bag for my little sister. She is vegan, though, and will not use anything made with animal products. Does Coach make anything that doesn't have any leather at all? Everything I have seen has at least some leather trim.


    (Oh, and yes, I know she's crazy! How can you buy decent bags and shoes if you don't wear leather?!?)
  2. I think everything Coach has at least some bit of leather on it - trim, zipper pull, creed, etc.

    I have seen some nice bags and shoes that were not made of leather, albeit on the pricier side but still nice.
  3. how about a scarf?
  4. LOL. It may end up being a scarf or a non-leather keychain.
  5. I've spotted some cute hats/jewelry at my local outlets, maybe that will work?
  6. you can get her a knockoff, its like the real thing except pleather...jk. I wanna say every coach has some leather on it b/c of the creed. The only thing I have to ask is, do you think her sporting something from a company known for its leather is good for her?

    Actually if embossed python isnt leather then here may be a few bags.
  7. ^ But if it's real python, that wouldn't work either.

    The only bags I can think of that have no leather at all are LeSportsac (and even the Tokidoki for LeSportsac bags all have leather). Fossil has a bunch of non-leather bags, but I think they all have leather accents.

    This is a really tough one.
  8. Matt & Nat make bags that are not of leather or animal skin. They are of nice quality.

    Here is a link to there site

    I am not affiliated with There bags are also at Nordstroms.
  9. There's always Stella McCartney, but that is a bit more expensive. Oh, and with the scarf, be careful of silk. (This is an ex-vegan speaking here, I still eat vegan (no meat, fish, egg, milk, etc), but I do use leather bags and shoes (obviously, lol) and wear wool, and such.)
  10. I wonder if there is a canvas bag out there in which the leather zipper pull could be replaced w/ something different before you give it to her. I'll have to do some research but I know they will be few & far between as even the scarf print bags have leather accents!!!

    Good Luck! If I find anything I'll get back to you in this thread!!!
  11. I agree, Matt & Nat are vegan friendly! I'm using one of their envelope wallets right now, which is sadly on its last legs.
  12. Vera Bradley bags are usually all cloth, but they're not to everyone's taste. And the fabric tends to show wear, especially in the corners:
  13. I can't think of anything that Coach has made that don't have ANY leather on it.

    If you are going to consider another brand, You should probably post this question in the Handbags & Purses subforum, I am pretty sure the topic of non-leather purses has been discused over there before so, maybe just do a search.
  14. My sister is vegan and would NEVER wear a company such as Coach that is known for its leather. Just a thought....
  15. I have never seen a Coach bag that does not have some leather. Even the straw bag have leather straps...

    I would have to be scarfs, keyfobs or hats... Maybe the sneakers do not have leather?