Any Nomade owners?????

  1. hi everyone im a LV virgin and i am thinking of getting a speedy nomade, does anyone have pics? any info i need to know before i jump into the deep end tom at the store???
    thanks!!! xx:yahoo:
  2. A fellow PF'er named Lindsay that logs on sometimes has a Nomade bag.
  3. I don't own one but I think they are gorgeous! Good luck if you buy it tomorrow. The only drawback to this line (other than price!!) seems to be the high maintenance of an all-leather item. I know it's tanned darker than virgin vachetta, but I don't know how nomade leather would still hold up to waterspots, for example. I know it does get darker progressively also.
  4. Can't justify the expense or I would be one!!! Nomade bags are beautiful.
  5. I don't have one yet (lusting after the Nomade Alma...still!!) but just be forewarned that it is very delicate and will scratch, ect. But it will get a wonderful patina eventually. My SA likened it to a vintage leather trunk...the way it is beat up but looks better with age. :love:
  6. yeh ive heard they dont wear well, it will prob sit in my wardrobe for ages before i venture outside with it! if ti does get darker i think it would be nicer, i like it when bags look worn in xx thanks everyone
    im still not sure on the price tho! it will prob be my only bag for the year!
  7. It may be your only bag for the rest of the year, but you won't regret it!!! :biggrin:
  8. yeh v true! i want to know what the inside is like, you cant see on the vuitton website!
  9. It's got a light colored alcantra lining...I think they call it miel (honey). It's really gorgeous. :yes:
  10. It's gorgeous but very fragile
  11. It is stunning IRL .. I have tried on all the nomade bags:shame: I adore the lockit's ... you will add your character to it..great choice:love:
  12. I don't think I could get one of these....I would be SO afraid of doing something to it!! I'd be paranoid!
  13. I don't own one but they are beautiful bags. I love:love: :love: the lockit in nomade especially.
  14. i really want the nomade alma.

    does any one have pictures of the bag after it patina?

    Id LOVE to see!
  15. I always, ALWAYS look at the nomade bags when I visit my store and have noted that it just started to become a tad darker (these are the display ones) and they don't seem to have scratches etc despite being handled a fair amount. I also viewed the nomade pochette wallet and koala wallet which are also stunning:love: