any NM/Saks or Chanel Boutiques in Seattle??

  1. My DH is going on biz trip in US,Seattle...this month...he wanted to know where he can shop for chanelbags (for me:yahoo: ).. So would appreciate if u gals can furnish me the address/location in Seattle. Thks;)
  2. The downtown Seattle Nordstrom is the only place that has Chanel. It can be a hit or miss depending on when you go and what you want. Some TPfers have had great luck there. The SA's there are very sweet! I would recommend Frederick, he will take the time to really help you! Have fun!

  3. Hi 255 Medina,

    Can u confirm the address??

    500 Pine Street
    Seattle 98101
    (206) 6282111

    Thks/appreciated yr reply
  4. Since Nordstrom is the only place that sells Chanel there, I recommend calling ahead and put a bag or 2 on hold, that way your DH won't leave the boutique empty-handed because they have nothing you/he like! So your DH can go home proud for getting you something you love, and you can get exactly what you want! Hehe. Just thinking ahead for ya.
  5. We have a NM opening in 2009 on the Eastside so finally there will be more selection!
  6. Thks thoughtful of u.
    Btw.. i will show him the bag(s) I want...if it is not in stk in Nords.. I probably would ask my brother to get it for me in Paris ...hehehe... still considering ..difficult to make some choices here...more chanel..or "hop" to another brand...LV...epi Ivoire/suhali..blanc...sigh...
    Too many choices...but got to be selective

    Thk Coldplayerlover... my DH is going to Seattle (from S'pore).. this month April...