Any NM/Saks/Barney's insiders re: SALES

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  1. I am planning a trip to Boston in December(before Christmas). Anybody in the know regarding major sales at Neiman's, Saks, or Barneys? I may schedule differently if there are some amazing sales. Is it a myth that the day after Thanksgiving is the BIG sale day..?
  2. I bet you could call the local stores and ask. I do know that there is an outlet in Boston and my girlfriend says she found good stuff. should list it.
  3. too bad you aren't going during xmas. saks has extra 40 percent off sale items from 8-12 the morning after xmas. i do not recall what Neimans/saks has after thanksgiving. barneys does not have many markdowns at the time, but i know saks/Neimans starts the first part of their sale sometime before then.
  4. I think saks has a big sale the day after thanksgiving
  5. I would love to know more about this too, I want to take some of my family. Do you think it would be lame to call and ask? Do dept stores disclose things like this, or would I be blown off?
  6. You'd be surprised how last minute some stores, even department store plan things like this.... It's mostly computerized so it's not that difficult to change prices. A lot of the time, retailers figure out their competitor's strategy and then act upon it. That's why you see similar sales at the same time....

    You could call but I doubt customer service knows the information.