Any NM lovation has Magenta work SGH??

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  1. I'm looking for magenta work SGH anybody seen it at NM?? IF you do please~~let me know~many thanks
  2. the NM houston has a Magenta GSH work. I was there on tuesday and they had it out on the display. If you do call the # is 713-621-7100. ask for Sharon she is a great SA. Good Luck
  3. Thanks for the Info~~I'l call tomorrow~:woohoo:
  4. Anybody else seen this style at different location of NM?
    I call TX NM and Sharon was off today..and whoever answered the phone she was rude and clueless~
    when I asked about megenta work she asked me are you calling from other store?? and I'm like I'm a customer..and she was helping other customer at the moment..she said" I'm helping other customer now so hold~" WTF
    who talks like that to customer??
    and when I finally asked her about leather..everybody has different opinion about leather ~ (I wanted to know 2 things first distressed leather or veiny..second dry leather or not)
    and she was not giving me an answer..
    It is just driving me CRAZY~~~~~

    Ladies help~~ :sad: